A little bit of history to start with… Atomfashion workshop was founded in Moscow in 2009. In five years, what started as a hobby grew into the major occupation of my life. It walked its thorny path with confident iron steps and gained recognition both in Russia and abroad from the USA to Australia. Besides devoted fans, imitators who copy my style also appeared.

At first, my work was aimed at creating costumes and looks for artists and fans of underground club parties. As my style was forming and my skill was growing, the product range started to become much wider: there appeared accessories outside the club underground, and a lot of different customers liked these accessories, all of which kept their industrial soul.

I create products in techno-industrial, post-apocalypse, cyberpunk, and steampunk styles. My creative activity was hugely influenced by such works as Fallout, Warhammer 40000, Arcanum, Terminator, and Neuromancer. Fans of these genres will for sure discover a lot of interesting items among Atomfashion arsenal, as well as all other admirers of design, original and high-quality items.

I invent design of Atomfashion products myself, except for symbols obviously adopted from the abovementioned works of art. I choose only the best raw materials and never save on them. I personally take part in creating all items, that’s why when you buy Atomfashion products you can be sure that you buy the original quality item created fully by the Master’s imagination and hands.

My mission is to create unique products in brutal and technologic style that is peculiar to me. Atomfashion products will make their owners look as spectacular as heroes of sci-fi movies, books and computer games.

Atomfashion – inspire power!

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