This watch is dedicated to an epic steampunk computer game Arcanum.

- Brand: Kronen & Sohne.   
- Movement: Cal. KM02B03 automatic mechanical.   
- Case measurements: diameter 4.1cm (1.6 inch), thickness 1.3cm (0.5 inch).   
- Case material: stainless steel.   
- Warranty: 1 year.

- Cow veg-tanned leather.   
- Width 7cm (2.7 inch).   
- Standard size: 17-20 cm wrist. Specific size available also.
- Hand-made stamping with gears.   
- Hand-made leather dyeing and finishing.   
- Warranty: lifetime.

+ 5 Armor class.   
+10 Technology.   

- Leather color: ginger, mahogany, brown.

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