Plain Black Pentagram

This is the plain black version of my pentagram design harness!

designed these with it in mind that harnesses can be difficult to put
on, so all you've got to remember is the upside down T shape is at the
bottom. The pentagram design is stitched into place to make the
complications minimal - you should find this actually rather easy to get
into :)
As all of my items are handmade to order, please allow for slight variations from the photos.

When ordering, let me know if you require S, M or L - see below for what these sizes mean:

S - UK 8/10 | Europe 36/38 | US 4/6
M - UK 12/14 | Europe 40/42 | US 8/10
L - UK 16/18 | Europe 44/46 | US 12/14

If you're unsure of your sizing just drop me a message with your upper body measurements and i can advise you :)

Bigger babes - just let me know your measurements when ordering and I'll custom size it for you. I require:
Under bust
Above bust
Under / between the bust over the shoulder to where your bra strap sits on your back.

ensure your measurements are accurate as I will make the fit according
to them. I will try my best to make it perfect but bad measurements =
bad fit!

Handmade with lots of love!

Deliver to
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Delivery Estimate
Royal Mail (United Kingdom)
7 Days
Royal Mail (Everywhere Else)
14 Days

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