Eden's HeLL

Alternative Designer who specializes in Gothic style, street, punk and Corsets.

All the Designs inspired by Eden Kane.

The idea begins to simmer in my "sick and twisted brain" and keeps bugging me until I take it out in the drawings.

Designs that sweep people off their feet at parties And Designs for everyday that make you stand out from the crowd of normative boring people...

I also sew custom-made items according to personal measurements.

As a Vegan I DO NOT USE: leather, latex, wool, angora and silk fabrics.

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First thing that I want to mention is that Eden's HeLL is a small independent business that managed by Eden kane which is the main and exclusive designer / seamstress.
Secondly: All fabric and ingredients that combined the items are carefully selected after many consideration:
* Logical Durability (after continuous use anything wears out)
* Comfort (except corsets, there is no such thing as a comfortable corset)
*fabric Match for type of item (breathable and absorbent fabrics for summer and strong warm fabrics for winter)

The upcycled items (2nd hand clothes that I reshape/dismantle and assemble a new item) are in excellent condition. (Measurements sometimes do not match the measurements chart in the site, in that chase there will be unique Measurements in the description of the item).
So rest assured that each item is treated with love and care from the moment of thought, design and sewing till packaging and sanding it to the buyer.

* Shipping time:
Once the transaction is secured and payment is received it will take up to 4 days to send the item. The buyer will receive a convo with a tracking number.

* Delivery time:
Standard shipping: up to 21 working days

Please note:
Some packages may require customs charges as they arrive, these charges are not included in the shipping price.

* Form of payment:
PayPal/credit card to PayPal

* Canceling an order after payment:
Orders can be canceled and you will receive a full refund if the shipment is not sent
(Shipping time up to 4 days)

* Canceling an order after payment and the item has already shipped:
Orders can be canceled and you will receive a partial refund (the sum, minus shipping fees), provided that the item is returned by registered mail (tracking number included)
at the same condition as it was sent and without use and/or damage
Refund will occur after receiving the item back (shipping back fees is on the customer's cost only)

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* If the price of the item/s is 30$ or less => 5$
* If the price of the item/s is over 30$ and less than 100$ => 15$
* If the price of the item/s is over 100$ => free shipping worldwide

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