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Welcome to the black foot tribe ! These barefoot sandals are made out of 100% bamboo thread and embellished with beads and leaf pendants. Comfortable and durable. The bamboo feels amazingly smooth and silky on your feet.

These will look great on bare feet or under sandals. Perfect for barefoot walkers at the beach, for yoga, festivals, or any time you desire.

Will fit feet of all sizes

Hand wash cold/ flat dry

These are an original, OOAK design.

All barefoot sandals I make are created while I'm travelin / hitch hiking / ramblin. By purchasing a pair, you'll be wearing a special piece of my adventures

All of my creations are one-of-a-kind items. Thanks for supporting handmade.

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I accept returns with full refund from UNWORN clothing IF I am contacted within 5 days and the item is then shipped back promptly.

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