1 Buy Made To Order Mens Steampunk, Black Neo Victorian Coat by Romany Rapture at I Am Attitude

I bring you a Dark and Sexy Neo Victorian Man's Overcoat.
Steampunk Clothing. Elegance in black, with a few surprises. Dramatic lacing and subtle lace.

SHOULDER WIDTH at CHECKOUT in 'note to seller' box.
I will not begin sewing until I have all your measurements.
See "How to measure" listed under sizes below.

Custom made to your size. Black Twill fabric, fully lined.
Lacing from neck to hem down the back.
Straight sleeves, short stand up collar and buckle closure.

Surprise #1 is an understated black lace trim twisting down sleeve
from shoulder to sleeve hem.
Very very subtle but definitely adds elegance.

Surprise #2 is the neck to hem lacing down the back.
This really adds a "wow" to the coat.
PLEASE NOTE that even though the pictures show white lacing,
unless you request white I will do it in black.

The white was done for this coat, specifically for a show,
for a more dramatic effect.

Surprise #3 is the small bit of lace adornment on lower back at hemline.
Everyone so far has liked the lace, however if you do not,
I can simply not add it. Not a problem at all.
ALSO, the lace can be any combination of White, Red or Black.
Let me know your preference.

The shoulders are padded.
Buckles on the front can be in silver tone or brass.

NOTE! This is a loose fitting coat.
XS Chest-30-32
S Chest-34-36
M Chest-38-40
L Chest-42-44
XL Chest-46-48

I will need a few measurements in addition to your SIZE. These are:
SLEEVE length desired.
Measure from point of shoulder to the length you would like.
Point of Shoulder is the spot where the shoulder goes from horizontal to vertical.

COAT length. Measure from base of neck to length you would like.
This is a fairly long coat, reaching only 7-10 inches up from the ground.

SHOULDER width. Measure across upper shoulders
from the center back of one arm to the other.
I will contact you if possible if I do NOT get the measurements. Please check
your junk e-mail as it might end up there. Thanks!

Feel free to contact me as well if you have any questions, at all! Domestic Shipping includes insurance and tracking.

Construction and shipping time is around 3-6 weeks. If I am backlogged I will let you know immediately.

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Delivery Estimate
USPS Priority (United States)
3-4 weeks
Priority International (Canada)
3-8 weeks
Priority Express International (Canada)
3-8 weeks
Priority International (Everywhere Else)
3-8 weeks
Priority Express International (Everywhere Else)
3-8 weeks

Any custom orders must include all measurements required in order for me to begin the process.

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