1 Buy Steampunk Ladies Jacket In Decadent Browns by Romany Rapture at I Am Attitude

A handmade Steampunk jacket for a unique addition to your outfits.

This jacket looks like a well aged leather but is a light weight twill.
Lined in plum satin for a perfect complement to the soft,
milk chocolate brown color. Trims in various shades of brown and black.
Soft and comfortable to wear.

It has a split back skirt with pleating detail done in
the same satin as the lining.
The plum pleats are trimmed in black lace. Sleeves are 24 inches long and hit about mid hand on most people.

Bodice seams and stress seams are all double stitched.

It looks great with body hugging pants and boots,
A petticoat skirt will work well under it,
but your imagination can take it anywhere.

Size: medium to small medium

Bust: up to 37 inches, measured over clothes

Waist: up to 28 inches

Hips: mostly free, but not over 42 inches 

Ships next business day.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

My Thanks to:
Photographer, Michael McCormack
Models: Arika Thomas and Shannon Forseth

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Any custom orders must include all measurements required in order for me to begin the process.

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