1 Buy Steampunk Neo Victorian Short Sleeved Jacket, Pale Green by Romany Rapture at I Am Attitude

A Steampunk Jacket for a special Woman. She sort of built herself, I just followed her whims.

It is a beautiful, bright, but light green- yellow fabric called bamboo.
The best description for the color, is the inner stalks of celery.

I say this is a medium but it has a few size limitations.
Due to the boning it would not fit a petite lady. (boning is long)
The sleeve bands measure 11-1/4" around so a bicep measurement
taken by you would be a good idea, as it has no stretch.

Jacket is fitted at the waist. Skirt is loose with a lace trimmed flounce
on each side of split down back of skirt.Two black buttons fasten the waist.
Open and roomy enough for a large busted lady in bodice front.
I left bodice front open in order to show off a pretty blouse,
but a snap or other fastener could be put in if you desire.
The boning is added for jacket structure rather than shaping of the body.
I love the balance between that severe structuring and the flirty, sexy
look of this jacket.
Fully lined in a soft green on bodice and self fabric on skirt.
Can be worn with a petticoat.

Size medium

Waist: 27-29 inches
Hip: 38 inches
Bust: 36-38 inches

Sleeve band: no more than 11-1/4

Height: not for someone under 5'4"

My model is a tall thin girl, around 5' 10" It is a very easy material to care for.

Ships Immediately.

I welcome any questions.
My thanks to:
Photographer, Michael McCormack
Model, Arika Thomas

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Any custom orders must include all measurements required in order for me to begin the process.

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