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Steampunk Clothing done Victorian style.
Satin bloomers with opening in nether area.
A necessity in times past, now it's just fun. I've been told they work....

These lovelies have all French seams and/or
encased in bias tape or lace.
Two rows of wide lace layer the hems,
Ribbon tie, cinch up and tie in a bow.
They can be worn with the legs loose and look equally delightful.
The hem comes to just below the knee for most people,
and the tie cinches at just above the knee.

They close in the back with a set of snaps at the waistband.
As you can see from the pictures they are quite discreet.
I can easily make them with the crotch seam entirely enclosed if you prefer.
You can choose at check out.

I am offering them in black satin right now but if you desire a different color,
contact me and I'll make a custom set for you.

If your hip measurement falls between sizes,
go with the LARGER size and let me know your waist measurement.
sizes are as follows: (US sizes) and in inches

6 waist 23 inches, hip 32 inches
8 waist 24 inches, hip 33 inches
10 waist 25 inches, hip 34 inches
12 waist 26 inches, hip 36 inches
14 waist 28 inches, hip 38 inches
16 waist 30 inches, hip 40 inches
18 waist 32 inches, hip 42 inches
20 waist 34 inches, hip 44 inches
22 waist 36 inches, hip 46 inches
24 waist 38 inches, hip 48 inches
26 waist 40 inches, hip 50 inches

This beautiful old graveyard and the memorials to the interred
were treated with respect during this photo shoot.

can be machine washed on cold/delicate, hang to dry.

USA $5.35
Canada $17.00
Everywhere Else $17.00
With another item purchased at the same time: $0.00

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USPS Priority (United States)
1-2 weeks
USPS First Class International (Canada)
1-6 weeks
USPS First Class International (Everywhere Else)
2-6 weeks
Priority International (Canada)
1-6 weeks
Priority International (Everywhere Else)
1-6 weeks

Any custom orders must include all measurements required in order for me to begin the process.

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