Louis Fleischauer - “Flesh Art”.  Featuring a mix of Ritual, Sculptural and Wearable Art.

Sculpted Skin + Human Instruments + Transformed Flesh

Contains images of Piercings, blood and nudity

Louis Fleischauer has been working on this on for the 5 years.

It was only possible through the help of friends and fellow artists (find a big list of names below)

Table book, 156 pages, Hard cover printed in Berlin

My gratitude to all who help to make this project possible:

Behind the Cameras:
Alex Blyg, Annie Bertram, Bartosz Sarama, Bertrand Atlan, Brian Erzen, Chriss X
Chromorama, Dawid Chalimoniuk, Drunk Rockers, Floh Butcher, Francois Boutemy
Heiko Meyer, Hektik Productions, Joerg Merlin, Julien Descomps, Jim Brodbeck,
Karen Hsiao, Laura Fusato, Lukas Zpira, Martin Black, Peter Dircken, Proxy 23, Ro,
Robert Grund, Ron Garza, Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda, Silent View, Syrus, Thommy
“Boese Blende” + Sarah

Performer, Model, Participants:
Arnie Schoenberg, Ave, Beto, Bijou Baron, Brian, Chris Koelln, Christian Tan, Coco Katsura,
Devinity, Delphine Noizetoy, Evie Voutsina, Ginger Synne, Floh, Hellen Burrough,
Heydee Sparks, Jana Berlin, J. Browley, Jeanelle Mastema, Johanna Constantine, KDA,
Kellie LaPlegua, Kimi, Linda Minervas, Lisa Denise, Lisa Vandalism, Matthew Setzer,
Michael Hans, Mirjana, Nub,Olive, Pixel, Plastique in Veins, Ragnar, Roderich, Samantha
Stone, Samar, Scar, Storm, T.Henthor, Tyler Morgan, von Rosenfelde, Vima, Zania Morgan

Behind the scenes:
Antonio, Asami, Beto, Chandler, Dooly D Angerous, Kristina, Matt + Ivy, Mikelle, Norri +
Ute, Satomi, Pan Peter, Sarge + Vicci, Steve Joyner, Tatsumi Naito, Tine Sureal Lange,
Steven Leyba

Abode du Chaos, Cultural Asylum Magazine, CoRE, Dach Gallery,Flying Dutchman London,
Inside Art Zine,NK Project, Mori + Stein Gallery, Noise and Blood Festival, Strychnine
Gallery, Vanilla Gallery, HR Giger Museum

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