Monocles are a fun accessory to wear and the pince nez style of this PURPLE, SILVER Steampunk monocle adds some handsome class to any great outfit.

Built with a silver colored pinch on (pince nez) nose bridge, this monocle is a classy looking piece of eyewear that suits men and women and looks good with a costume or a suit. Silver tone metal frames the rich purple acrylic lens and the unique design of the pinch on nose bridge adds a touch of neo-Victorian style making this accessory an easy item to wear and an easier item to look at.

Personalize this monocle by selecting your own chain ending and case type from the options listed with this listing and order your own custom monocle in time for a birthday, holiday or convention.

[ Please select your case type of choice.]
[ Please select your ending of choice - either a ear cuff or collar pin. ]
[ Please select which side of your face you would like to wear the monocle on. ] 

This item measures:
~1.5" (4 cm, 40 mm) diameter lens, purple colored acrylic lens
~approximately 0.5" (1 cm, 10 mm) nose piece, colored stainless steel
~new clear plastic nose pads
~12" (31 cm, 310 mm) long silver tone chain, may contain nickle.
-pin fits through most collar thicknesses
~0.5" (2 cm,20 mm) long ear cuff
~ear cuff fits most ears
~ear cuff is made out of new filigree silver colored brass metal
~Fully usable item. The monocle is made with a blue tinted lens that you can see out of and the colored nose piece pinches onto the bridge of the nose
~All purchased items paid for in full and shipped by AtticRaiders comes with a tracking number and insurance.
~Shipping options like Overnight and Express are also available upon request. Please message for an accurate shipping cost estimate.
Please be advised that all ocular items made and sold through AtticRaiders are intended for costume use only. None of the ocular items have been rated for safety use, do not meet any safety standards and are not recommended to be used while operating large equipment.Most ocular items have corners which may snag on delicate clothing so wear with care.
Any and all body parts, backgrounds, background stuff and other things in the pictures are not included in the sale of this item. You are purchasing an eyepiece only– parts are not replaceable if and not limited to, broken, stolen, lost, etc.
I nor Attic Raiders do not claim any responsibility should any injury occur while misusing this item in any, though not limited to accidental, irresponsible and/or other means of play etc.

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3-8 business days
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3-8 business days
Small PAX - AIR (Germany)
5-12 business days
Small PAX - AIR (Everywhere Else)
5-12 business days
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5-12 business days
Small PAX - AIR (Australia)
5-12 business days

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and for becoming an informed buyer. Knowledge is truly empowering and this policy page strives to present the most up to date and complete policies that I can offer to you, my customer, in hopes that you feel confident that I am doing my best to offer the most fair policies possible for the both of us.

Should you need more details that the policy page information below cannot provide for you then feel free to contact me to ask your questions and I would be happy to help as best as I can. –Thank you!

Q: What kind of payment options are there for in store purchases?

! -Credit card payments and E-cheques can be sent online to my email masqueray [!at], please check with your preferred credit card company / bank for details.

*CUSTOM ORDERS are limited to payment by PayPal only.

* For cheques and money orders, I wait (7) seven business days for it to clear. If a cheque bounces, you will be charged an extra $40.00 CDN on top of the amount due because of insufficient funds. Until the amount due including the bounce fee are paid in full, the purchase(s) will be held and not sent.


Q: I can’t make full payment on my recent purchase from your store; can I make a partial payment?
~No,if full payment cannot be made on an item IN-STORE that’s ready to purchase DO NOT buy it, ask me to place the item on hold instead until full payment can be sent.

Q: Oops, I made a purchase but I can’t pay for it all, what do I do?
~You can either contact m to cancel the order for you or log into your account >Purchases and look for your recent purchase and cancel it yourself.

Q: Can you put an item on hold for me?
~Yes! Any item IN STORE that has been put on hold will be put on hold for 1 week/ 5 business days only and if the item is not paid for within 2 businesses days after the holding time has expired then the item will become available to the public for purchase again.

Q: How long do I have to make payment for my purchase in your shop?
~ Customers have 2 business days to make full payment on all in store purchases. Failure to make payment within 2 business days from the day of purchase and no contact from you to me has been made despite my messages being sent asking for the amount due to be paid will result in the purchase being terminated, negative feedback will be left and the items will not be sent. The items will be made available to the public again for sale.

Q: Do you offer layaway?
~ Sometimes, if I'm back home and in my studio to personally manage the layaway will I accept them. I travel a lot across my country selling my work at conventions so pop open a convo to me and ask to see if Layaway is an option :)

Q: What about taxes and extra fees, do you pay that or do I?
~You the buyer are responsible for any additional fees that may occur. This includes but is not limited to, border fees, country tax, insufficient funds bank fee, etc.

Q: I got my item but I don’t like it, can I get a refund?
~Yes, after the item has been shipped back and has arrived in my hands, I would be happy to refund you 90% of the item cost. *SHIPPING COSTS ARE NOT REFUNDED (Including the return shipping costs); they are the buyer’s responsibility to pay.

Q: How long do I have to return the item?
~The buyer has 4 business days to ask for a refund before a refund is no longer an option.

Q: What are acceptable reasons for a return?
(Reasons are not limited to but may be one or up to all of the listed reasons)
~item was not liked by the recipient if it was a gift
~item arrived damaged
~item is lost in the mail

Q: What are NOT acceptable reasons for a return?
(Reasons are not limited to but may be one or up to all of the listed reasons below:)
~the item is late
~the item is not what the buyer expected because s/he failed to fully read the item description

PLEASE NOTE: Each description is written individually because each item is handmade individually and some things may apply only to that item and not to others. Each explanation is written to give an as accurate description of the item and may include other information that pertains only to that item and not to other items listed.

Q: Why can’t I be refunded all of it?
~The shipping costs are paid to the post office and so are not in my possession to be refunded. The 10% held back pays for shipping materials and time spent packaging & sending items, as well as the cost of cleaning and reposting them.

Q: Can I exchange an item I purchased and sent back with something else I like in your shop instead?
~Yes, please message me with the name of the item that you prefer to exchange the successfully returned item with and a PayPal invoice will be sent to you to either refund any remaining amount or be billed for the additional amount due.

**Refunds for custom orders are explained in detail below under “CUSTOM ORDER POLICY”


Q: My item hasn’t arrived and I’ve checked my post office for it and checked the status of the item online, what happens now?
~If an item is lost and has not arrived in your hands after 12 business days have passed, please message me on Etsy and I would be happy to open a Lost Item inquiry with the postal office.

*PLEASE NOTE: Lost items are only refunded after the inquiry has been closed and the Postal office has refunded me the value of the lost item. The amount will then be refunded to you through PayPal.

Q: Can I call you to discuss refunding with you or meet you in person?
~I do not call people - please do not ask me to call you because I won’t. Please contact me through a private message or send an email to my work email masqueray [!at]

**Please see CUSTOM ORDER POLICIES for details if a custom order is lost in the mail.
Additional Policies and FAQs [CUSTOM ORDER POLICY]

Custom Order Payment
Q: I can’t make full payment for my custom order by the completion date, what do I do?
~If full payment cannot be made upon the agreed upon due date for a CUSTOM order, please notify me as soon as possible so we can make other payment arrangements.

Full payment is otherwise expected either on or before the agreed upon due date.

Q: What happens if I don’t pay you in full for my custom order?
~Failure to make full payment for a custom order with no communication initiated will result in the order being cancelled with only a 50% refund of the amount paid to date, negative feedback will be left and the item will be not sent. The item remains the property of AtticRaiders.

Q: What happens if I might be late paying you but I eventually do pay you what I owe for my custom order?
~ If no contact has been made explaining to me that the full payment will be late, it may mean that neutral feedback will be left despite completion of payment. Delay in payment also means a delay in shipping out your order.

*For more information about payment types and details, please see the above section titled [PAYMENT]

Shipping Custom Orders:
Q: How are you going to ship my custom order?
~After the order has been paid in full and cleared, the item will be sent in a stiff box and padded to ensure the item arrives in safely.

*For more details about shipping timelines, options and approximate costs please see the Policy Page section titled [SHIPPING]

Refunding Custom Orders
Q: What if I don’t like my custom order after it arrives?
~Photos will be sent of the finished product before it is shipped. If you are unsatisfied with the look of the item at this point, it can be reworked before being sent (which will affect the delivery date). If you are truly unsatisfied with your CUSTOM order either at this point or after receiving it, a refund of 50% will be given once the item is returned. (Percentage refunded is non-negotiable.) . Shipping costs & return shipping costs will not be refunded.
By accepting the refund you the buyer understand that the item returned is no longer your property and have no ownership of the item to dictate what happens with the custom order.

*For more details about refunding that may apply, please see the above section titled[REFUNDING]

Lost Custom Orders:
Q: My item hasn’t arrived and I’ve checked my post office for it and checked the status of the item online, what happens now?
~If an item is lost and has not arrived in your hands after 12 business days have passed, please message me and I would be happy to open a Lost Item inquiry with the postal office.

*PLEASE NOTE: Lost items are only refunded after the inquiry has been closed and the Postal office has refunded me the value of the lost item. The amount will then be refunded to you through PayPal.

I am heavily involved in conventions, festivals and fairs so to keep updated on where I am next just keep checking back to the Attic Raiders Announcement page to find out whats happening.

Use these available routes to contact me:
~Here on IAMAttitude
~Email me: masqueray [!at]

*PLEASE NOTE: I do not call anyone. All communication is made online through the methods listed above. All messages will be replied to at my earliest convenience, usually within 24 hours if I am not at a convention.

Did you know?
~Attic Raiders is involved in some charity work for the Liver Cancer Research Foundation and supports the Local Women’s Shelters, Youth Homes and S.T.A.R.S by making a donation to these fine charities.

~All items are made in a pet free and smoke free home!

~Consignment invitations and wholesale inquiries are welcomed. Please contact me through my work email masqueray [!at] or here on Etsy to discuss details.

Thank you for taking the time to become an informed buyer. Your time to read this policy page means a lot. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your browse through the attic!

Cheers and happy browsing:
~Melissa :)

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