For my Blingin' Barbies that Luv 2 stand out ! 

This Hot Pink bodysuit is customized with tons of gems, jewels, pearls and a bedazzled pink bow with a string of pastel pink pearls! Mirrors, Holographic trim, ribbon , ruffles,
BARBIE font and ICON Center face & 2 big Detachable FLUFFS! One Hot Pink /Royal Blue and the other White! 

*Please note* THERE IS SOME SIDE BOOB w/ this with this outfit and the back is Criss-Crossed so you're back will be completely out! Please see Back pics!

**Please do not buy If you are TALLER than 5'6 as this will not fit you properly.**

Fits : It's up to you; Whatever you are comfortable with how your body looks in the bodysuit! It's stretchy material so accomodates All sizes Small-Large!

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