1 Buy Black Pleather Rainbow Studded N' Spiked Chain Dress by Candy-Rock Couture at I Am Attitude

Rock out and represent in this unique and kool black pleather n rainbow spiked out dress !!

Everybody might have a black pleather dress but none like THIS !!
..and you'll be the ONLY one cause i'm not making any Repeats !! So def one of a kind !!

Starts out with 2 rows of metal studs in the empire followed by rows of rainbow spikes going down the bra line, then a silver chain across connecting both sides of the bra line..A Hot Pink Kiss in the middle with a gorgeous rhinestone on the bottom lip, then a lime chord bow on both sides starting the princess lines followed by blazing hot pink and royal blue Lace !! Triangle shaped patterns of Glitter carefully follow both sides of the dress !!

This dress is KILLER !! Waiting for that special Rebel chic !! R u Down ?!
*READY TO SHIP* Now in Size M or up to waist Size 28-30"

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