4 Girl Bosses who rule with BARBIE GLAM!These Glam Dollz are customized on Holographic kaleidoscope Festival sunnies 
with Pink, Silver and Clear Crystals and Rhinestones with Glitter and lined with Clear and Gold Rhinestones for that Princess touch! 
Accented with pink acrylic BOSS (Dolla signs for the "S"'s) piece for sum Hardkore Boss appeal yet donned with pink bows for that xtra girly touch!
**THIS will be the ONLY One EVER MADE so if you truly LOVE it buy it b4 someone else snatches it up!** B/C I'm not making ANY CUSTOM jobs or repeats! 
Once bought you will be the ONLY one in the WORLD rockin' these!
****Made 4 CUTE Barbie BOSS BABEZ Worldwide!!****

XOXO, Dollz ;)

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