Available for Rent for Photo Shoots , Videos or whatever Fashion need you desire! 
The pics depicted here are just examples of outfits you can choose for shoots.
Please email me your theme and I can help you choose outfits or you can just pick some outfits from my instagram (IG/candy_rockcouture) or site and I can let you know if they are available!
*I have some Jackets not listed on site b/c they are not for sale!*

♥♥♥ Policy! ♥♥♥
1.) I MUST be on set during photo shoot /video etc to ensure no lost, damage or stolen etc  that has actually happened in the past Regardless of contract. 
2.) 4 piece minimum/ $80; if you require more than 4 garments it's $15 more per garment) 
100% Custom Made, ALL Original, One of a Kind & All hand made!! 
3.) I am available for 4 hours per shoot / any time longer is $10 per hour so I suggest you give me call time AFTER Hair/Makeup ..I am VERY EXPERIENCED with Shoots and Shows & work efficiently, quickly with great results! 
I Style all my models for all my shoots and shows that you see in my pics. I can provide
4.) When ordering please leave contact NAME, EMAIL, PHONE # , FB  & as MANY DETAILS about shoot as you can; THEME, LOCATION, TIME, STAFF, How many models, model sizes, model fb ( I will need to know models' looks, info, personality, character, sizes to see which garments suit them best!)
5.) If you cancel 1-2 days before a shoot you will receive HALF of your money back due to all of the hours of prep work, canceling/putting aside other work, concentration, full consideration and full energy I have put into for your project that entire week or more for your project.
***6.) You are responsible for your models and staff; if ANY damage (Smoke, Food/Beverage Spills, Makeup Stains, Clothing torn/ripped etc) there will be a $100 charge.
 Please understand all of my clothing is 100% original, unique, time consuming to make, some materials are not ever produced again, etc
***7.) Please tell your models to wear clear, roll on deoderant.

Thank you for your time and consideration !!

Please note:
**All Models and sets in any Pix you see on my pages are Styled by me with use of my ideas, locations, designs and accessories from my 2nd line "Suicide Baddoll Bow-Tique".** Models and Photogs part of the "CrC" team!
Makeup from this set available on my Vegan Hi-Def makeup line "Inked Doll Cosmetics"
IG/inkeddollcosmetics (with monthly proceeds donated to cancer and/or other causes)

IG@ candy_rockcouture 

XOXO!! , Harmony;)

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