1 Buy Cotton Candy Bra+ Skirt Set by Candy-Rock Couture at I Am Attitude

 This dreamy set is sure to get hearts racing;) featuring a triangle tie bra and an elasticated hem skirt both in a soft cotton baby pink material  with assorted cute Kawaii patches and sweet Candy resins.. we are obsessed!

Material is very stretchy..
Waist Size Varies b/c of the material and can fit up to multiple waist sizes but can fit ..
Fits Medium- XL
..because of the stretch; I would not suggest a Small unless you are willing to Pin!
Smallest Waist size 28"
Bra can be A-D
Even if your cup runnith over you can always wear your own bra underneath with this on top which I have done on numerous occasions as I'm a 36DD!

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