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....But I like to wear my sweets on my feets tho !!

*New* Sugar Rush Fantasy Candylicious Heels !!

You'll be sure to get cavities when slipping on these Sweet Delights !

There is so much Fantasy goodness going on I'm sure I can't mention all the Candy Madness!!

Custom made with Fake Whipped Cream , Pearls, Glitter, Studs, Gems, Colorful Spikes, My lil' Pony's, Hello-Kitty's, Gumball Machines, Resin Candy pieces, Monster High Charm, Bows & MORE!!

A Custom Tiara on the Front of one Heel, Pink and Silver Spikes with Hello-Kitty's on the Other Heel Front with a Blue Bow !

Bottom of heels contain Blue Glitter & Gems !

These Heels are READY TO SHIP for the Perfect Kawaii Candy Queen NOW !!

The completed pair shown are ready to ship. (Size 8.5)


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