1 Buy Dollface Rockstar 3 Pc Pink Holographic Sequin Set by Candy-Rock Couture at I Am Attitude

Cute n' Blingin' w/ this 3 pc in yo' face set !

There is so much going on here !

One of my FAVEZ!!
Comes with:
JACKET: Customized with Pink Studs and Spikes, Patches, Holographic & Hot Pink Trim, Garter Trim and Open Slit elbows !

SHORTS: Customized with Garters, Lady Skull and Kiss Resin pieces, Hot Pink Studs, Metal Chain, Bows, Hot Pink Vynl trim and back trimmed in pastel pink sequin lace!

BRA: Customized with Garters, Pink Ruffles, Holographic Trim, Metal and Pink Spikes, Heart breaker Mirror with words "Love and Hate" Pink Lips and Sprinkled Candy Bar resin pieces!

One of a kind; Cute and TOTALLY BADASS!!

Fits Size M-XL
Very Stretchy!
Waist Size 29-34 inches
Fits Bras B-D

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