1 Buy *lmt Edt* Celebrity Barbie Bling Bodysuit by Candy-Rock Couture at I Am Attitude

Be a Celebrity in your own world cuz you'll feel like a million pink bucks and get da VIP treatment once you slip on this Pink Bling Bodysuit! 

Customized ALL over  FRONT and BACK & STRAPS with hand sewn pastel Pink crystals, a Pink chrome chain, a Metal chain, Swarovski Rhinestones, Pastel Pink Pearls and Pink and Silver large Spikes!

*This item is Heavy because of all the materials but VERY DELICATE!!* Must be handled with CARE! Only made to be worn on SPECIAL OCCASIONS!*
*Hand Clean Only*

Stretchy Material allows for Sizes Small- Large or up to Waist size 29" and up to a C or small D cup!
Matching Kitten Cap is $40 
You will not see this anywhere else!! 
Customized with TONS of Pink Crystals ALL over the cap, Kitten ears and Bunny ears in back mainly to ensure the Kitten ears stand up because of weight from the crystals!
Also lined with Swarovski Rhinestones across the front of rim and 2 giant Spikes!

Both of these items are ONE of a Kind! Only 1 Available !!! If you truly love this grab it before someone else does! Made for a Super Cute Pink Heiress waiting to dominate the world!! XOXO, Dollz;)

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