This is gonna be a "Candy-Rockin' Summer!'..full of slammin' Raves, Festivals, Parties & more! There's gonna be tons of hotties out there & mad competition but you Got This cuz I've been sewing and designing for the past almost 3 months gettin' my 
"Candy-Rock Hotties" ready to STAND out from the Rest cuz you are BETTER than the BEST!!
Welcome 2 da CrC Summer SLay!! 

ALL OF these pieces are ONE OF A KIND! Meaning ONLY ONE is AVAILABLE!

This one is : *LMT EDT* GIRL GANG CANDY CROP Kawaii Pink Pleather Jacket!!

Super DUUUPPPERR ADDOORRRBBSS!! I almost didn't put this up for sale cuz I'm a Total Pink Barbie finatic! 
Made out of Super gorgeous hard to find Pink Pleather instead of Leather cuz You and I Love animals but also Love the leather look!
Customized with tons of Candy resin pieces,(that look super real enough to eat and soo cute!) , Studs, Spikes, Black and White "Hello-Kitty" (opposite colors on each shoulder reppin' ur good and evil kitty!) Mirrors, Kiss, Colored Blue and Pink Spikes, "Girl Gang" ribbon patch, "Fight Like a Girl" Patch, "Best Babes" Broken Heart Patch, Glitter, Pearls, Pink Glitter Knuckleduster Pin, Chains, Bike Chain, Belt & Zippers!!

Fits Size: One Size Fits MOST
Small, Medium, Large
Fits my girls size 0 and fits me and I'm 38DD with a waist 30" ..Fits tons of sizes in between!

This is my best collection I have ever designed to date! ..Probably because it's birthed from a lot of pain & depression I've poured into the collection that I've released from the experience of dealing with lots of death, depression (Black) & thinking about my loved ones going to Heaven, God, the after life (white/silver) & our happy, fun times/experiences & joy they brought me on earth! (Pink/rainbow colors) 

I hope this collection brings you all joy as it has helped heal a special part of my life!

God Bless you all!


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