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ALL OF these pieces are *LMT EDT*/ONE OF A KIND! Meaning ONLY ONE is AVAILABLE!

This one is: *LMT EDT* GOTHIC WARRIOR 3 pc Set..
Comes with:

Made 4 my Gothic Clique! Customized outta quality smooth black pleather fabric tons of kool garters and Black and White Holographic strips!

BRA: Black Pleather Bra customized with Black and White Holographic Strips, 
"Gothic Hello-Kitty" patch and "Bone Idol" Ribbon patch, Black and white Ruffles, Black Roses, black and silver hem trim, Spikes!

SHOULDER OVERLAY: Black and White Holographic Trim, Metallic Gold Zipper, Black Roses, Silver and Black Metallic Thick Chain, Tons of Garter Straps!

SHORTS: LADIES Sign, Black Rose, Tons of Trims, Holographic, Metallic, Black, white Trims, Chain trims, X-LARGE O-Ring with Whistle; Back hemmed with Black and White 2" Ruffles!

**ADD ON** Black Pleather Garter Gloves: Open 4 Fingers with Thumb detail; Tons of Garter Straps extending out to probably 20" long..(didn't measure yet sorry!)

Size: Medium 
Or up to Waist Size 29"

**3 PC Set** Comes with: 
Bra, Shorts & Waist Zip up Overlay 

Add on: Additional Garter Gloves:$20

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