This is the only one that will be sold!!

So much goin' on in this killer dress!! Ok where to start! So many fabrics in this dark realm! Aiight! So the empire contains this sick  metallic silver stretch fabric with black criss-crosses on it trimmed with neon pink 1 1/2 in. lace. Big exaggerated silver safety pin on right side and pink chrome dangling chain on other side of empire.

Bodice is made of 4 way stretch black pvc with black chrome hanging chain and Bad Kitty (Hello-Kitty) character Top-Stitched with skully pink and black bow! (My Fave!)

Bottom of dress is color-clocked with the right side made up of black stretch pleather and left of stretch jersey cotton black, white and neon pink script print. 

Black and White zipper is sewn in on sides of dress acting as a belt!

The back of this dress contains a center back Hot Pink Zipper going all the way down!

This dress is made for Size 0-1 only! 
A very small girl of size 25-26 in. waist Only!

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