Rock out in these Lmt. Edition "Candy-Rock" Hello-Kitty Hot Pink / Black studded Leggings! 

Punk, Rock, Goth, Kawaii, Asian Fashion, Harajuko, Streetwear, Urbanwear !! YOURWEAR!!

BE YOU and have fun in these awesome and oh so comfortable fashion forward blasting bright hot pink on one side and shiny stretch black pleather on the other..One side to represent the girly innocence and the other to rep the badass rebel !

On the hot pink leg lies the adorable Hello-Kitty Patch, 2 criss-crossed oversized thick safety pins , double loop chrome metal onyx chains over the thigh area and finally 3 huge square studs close to the knee area !

The Black leg starts with an awesome grommetted Hot Pink silky ribbon tied in a bow, followed by endless rows of silver studs going from most to least; for instance the first row starts with 5 studs, 2nd row 4 studs, 3rd row 3 studs, 2nd row 2 studs and last row 1 stud!

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