A marriage of Pink romance and Tropical Paradise! 
You'll be Swept away with these Oceanic Pink Mermaid Holographic Crystal Sunnies! Perfect 4 bad dolls and a no brainer 4 Mermaids Worldwide!
Customized on Pink Holographic Festival Sunnies with TONS of high quality Rainbow, different ranges of Blues, Pinks & Pink/Blue Ombre & Clear Crystals! Fuschia flower gems, Pink and White Pearls, & Faux Diamonds!Left bottom row is lined with a row of turquoise gems! 
Middle of lenses is wrapped with a blue,purple and pink chain which extends to bottom right row and then hangs off of sunglasses ! 
Sooo Unique and SOO Beautiful!!
This will be the ONLY one made ! Waiting at the beach to kiss the face of the Perfect 

XOXO, Loves!

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