Is it a Mermaid or a Unicorn? it's BOTH! 
Rock out in these ultra unique and festival worthy Mermaid AND Unicorn one of a kind sequin in the front and white denim in the back pants for ultra comfortability and next level style!

Traditional mermaid sequin interchanging colors with pink unicorn knee cut outs, pink and white swirl lollipop resin, Purple, Pink, Blue ombre Unicorn head, Gold Rainbow Ombre lettering of BAD, Huge HOT PINK sequin interchanging bow with Seashell and pearl patch centerpiece, Rainbow YESSSS Patch, Glittery Unicorn Resin, Pink Metal Chrome Chain, Purple and Turqoise interchanging Sequin Heart Chain (that can be taken off and used ANYWHERE!), Pearl Pink Seashell resin and Pink Diamond Patch..

WHAT ELSE can happen with these pants?!

Fits Size 4-6

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