Both Barbie and Mermaid status in these split decision Pink Mermaid Harajuku Ribbon leggings!

Left side made of Iridescent Pink Print with slashes on side Yellow "Back Off" Converstation Heart Patch, Pastel Blue pearls, rainbow pearls, Sugary Pink Castle Charm,  Open cut thigh with blue hologram trim and 2 " Satin Blue ribbon Criss-Cross ties going down leg!

Right side made with blue Seashell patch, chrome blue chain, Pink hologram trim, Rainbow pearls, hot pink trim, pastel pink pearls, hot pink spikes, pink iridescent trim, Open cut thigh with Hot Pink 2" Satin Ribbon Criss-Cross ties going down leg!

These are Ready to Ship: Fits Size S-Medium! Up to waist size 29"

Please allow up to 2 Weeks for a Custom order !
*For  Custom Size Please Leave Waist and Hip Size in Notes!*

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