4 Rockstars by Rockstars or for those of us that DRESS like one!!

Rock out in this Rainbow colorblocked Studded , Spiked and Patched Vegan Leather ("Candy-Rock Couture" will NEVER harm animals for the sake of Fashion!) Jacket!

Colorblocked in Hot Pink, Lime, Green and White!
Loaded with Patches! Lapel completely COVERED w/ heavy metal Studs, 
Sleeves fully loaded with heavy metal Spikes!!

Completely ONE of A KIND! You will be the ONLY one in the world rockin' this !!..and when you do Your presence will be KNOWN, Heads will turn and you will no doubt be making the BIGGEST entrance in the ROOM!!

***This will be the ONLY for sale!*** No others will be made after this!

One size fits Most!

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