1 Buy Sale!! Black N Blue Glitter Chain Spiked Tube Top by Candy-Rock Couture at I Am Attitude

Check out the rockin' Black N' Blue Glitter Chain Spiked Tube Top with Studs!! This tube top begins with a basic black material for starters with a black pleather banded trim around the top of it. Embellishing the pleather band around the bust are round silver studs to give the look some edge.

The middle part of the tube top is coated with glistening metallic blue shimmering glitter, as the cups of the tube top wear one pink and one blue plastic triple layer of spikes! As each layer of spikes also wears a thin colored chain going across.

Draping down from each colored triple layer of plastic spikes on the cups of the tube top, are light clunky, killer, yellow plastic chains that fall down the front! And the fun doesn't end there as the back of the garment screams "KILLER GLAM!" with a glittery blue skully and crossbones outline as well.

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