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The Blue Pirate Zipper Patch N' Studded Leggings are an exclusive pair of hot pants from the Candy Goth Lace Collection, one of a kind, only by Candy Rock Couture! The upper half of this exclusive pair are composed of black pleather, from waist to mid thighs and transition from there.

The material that makes up the unique look of these leggings are the pirate mesh-like material, made up of deep sea blue, with tints of black, and flecks of gold splatter in the fabric. Torn with small holes down the legs to give the look some edge, these pants are bad to the bone!

Toward the middle of the leggings, over the knees, are black pleather designs, one leg dressed in a blue fabric edged zipper, the other knee of black pleather embellished with copper snap-studs! Perfect for partying or everyday wear, and ready to make their statement just about anywhere!
*READY TO SHIP* Now in Size M-L  Or up to Waist Size 28-32"
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