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SIZE Medium/Large  or up to waist size 30"

Handmade from scratch outta ever so comfortable and moveable color-blocked spandex, this bodysuit has so much punch going on it will make you a knockout!!

Half pink, half metallic blue..Let's start with the Pink Side!

Pink Side starts with white ruffles accented with 1/2 in. chrome blue chains and silver metal studs on the bra area. The bottom portion has a contrasting blue zipper covering most of the area with blue drizzle dripping down. There is also a 1 in. silver chain that hangs on the side.

Blue Side has pink ruffles accenting the bra with a pink princess crown or tiara in the middle and a rhinestone on both sides of it. A dazzling rhinestone strip is also placed underneath that. The bottom portion has 3 studs and another rhinestone strip tilted to the side. A one in. silver chain goes across entire waist for added sex appeal!
*READY TO SHIP* Now in :
Size M or up to Waist Size 30" 

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