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Handmade item.

Rock out in this Kool n' Sexy Rockerchick Bodysuit !!

One of a Kind !! Limited Edition because of Fabric !

This Bodysuit will be the ONLY ONE SOLD waiting for the perfect badass rockerchick !!
Fits size XS- S
or waist 23-26 Bust size A -Small B

**Please Note!**
If you can not fit in this size ,
Bodysuit Can be Customized, HOWEVER, "PunkRock" fabric WILL have to be REPLACED with another similar fabric as this is the LAST batch of this fabric. ; Hence which is why this is Limited Edition Piece !

This bodysuit is made with love with:

Spandex, lycra, Hot pink lace, black pleather, Hot pink Zipper, Neon Pink Chord, Resin Pieces, Glitter & Crossbones!!

If you need it custom made just send a note!!

This bodysuit is Ready to ship in 1-2 business days !
A custom one will take up to 2 weeks to arrive (in the U.S.) depending on orders.

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