1 Buy Unicorn Barbie! 2 Pc Pink Sequin Set by Candy-Rock Couture at I Am Attitude

Bling is 4 Barbie; Da rest is in da D-tailz!

2pc Bling Barbie Set made for SERIOUS BARBIE LOVERS WHO LOVE to STAND OUT and look Exclusive!

This set is a Criss-Cross suspender top and bottom set in which the top ties around neck and waist; the bottoms contain suspenders that reach to shoulders that are connected to chains in back. So it may a little tricky at first but once figured out you will look uber sexy as seen on model!

Hot Pink Ruffles, Big Circle Holographic Sequins, Pink Holographic fabric, Holograpic trim, Hot Pink and white elastic straps!

Shorts: Hi-Waisted Shorts;
  Big Circle Holographic Sequin, Pink Holographic Fabric, Pink Holographic Criss-Cross Suspender Straps, Chains, Iridescent Wings, "Babe" Patch, Pastel Pink Pearls, High Quality Gems, White Pearls, Lollipop Resin, Flower Patches, Holographic Trim!

Top Fits Bra Size A
Bottom can fit Sizes S-M or up to Waist Size 29"

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