A brief look at alternative fashion

attitude-alt1Alternative fashion has always been about breaking away from the norm and standing out, in your own unique, individual way. Whether you choose to do this by wearing skin tight latex clothing, swinging rockabilly fashion, or the blackest of gothic clothing; each outfit choice is as alternative as the last, always leaving a lasting impression, whilst also allowing you to dress exactly as you want. Alternative fashion has always been eye catching, controversial and incredibly stylish, besides, if it’s good enough for Dame Vivienne Westwood, then it’s good enough for us!

Alternative fashion is all about dressing differently, expressing yourself through your wardrobe, and being as creative as possible with your look. It’s about the freedom to dress as you want, and there are no limitations as to what you can wear for your own alternative look. Want to add studs to your favourite jacket?, go for it!, want to dye your hair in a rainbow of pastel shades?, do it!, want to lace yourself up in the perfect, skin tight, corset? Why not?!

Part of the allure of alternative fashion is the freedom to be creative with your look, whether you choose to take a diy approach by customizing your clothing, or by sourcing individual designers to piece together the perfect outfit for you. There are no rules as to what you can wear, simply wear what you like, and do it in your own individual way.

It’s no wonder that the allure of alternative fashion is still so strong today, when faced with the same, humdrum choices in mainstream fashion. Dressing alternatively has always been about standing out from the mainstream, wearing clothing that you won’t often find in mainstream, high street, fashion. It’s daring, and expressive, and often at times less than practical, but we still adore it either way; whether it’s squeezing into a tight pvc outfit, or a studded ensemble.

No single distinct look can be categorized as alternative, but you’ll find a wide variety of different styles within alternative fashion, and each as unique as the last. From the classic ’70’s styled punks, to the vibrant, neon, cyber goths, the kawaii, sugary sweet, gothic lolitas, to the retro styled vintage darlings; each style has it’s own unique traits and signature notes that make them all uniquely alternative.

attitude-alt2You just can’t pin point one specific look as alternative, and that’s the beauty of alternative fashion, each look is as creative as the last, and unique to the individual. Alternative clothing allows us to express ourselves in one of the most simple, yet striking ways, always leaving a lasting impression with our outfits. From creative colourful make up, to studded clothing, and latex dresses, to brightly coloured hair, each element is as crucial to the alternative look, and instantly recognisable as a part of alternative fashion.

Alternative clothing is still changing even today, with creative designers, much like the one’s showcased here, helping to shape and adapt alternative clothing, creating looks that are as unique and creative as the last, and even creating the future looks that will go on to stand out as alternative.

The freedom to express yourself through your look is what makes alternative fashion so desirable, there are no limits to what you can do with your clothing to help create the perfect alternative look for you. So, why not get exploring, piece together a few alternative looks of your own, and by all means have fun being creative with your own alternative clothing, who knows, you may even find a piece of alternative clothing for sale by one of the many designers here that will go on to become a firm favourite in your alternative wardrobe!

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Black Sheep Latex dress photographed by Dean Wilkinson, model Violet eyes.