A guide to alt couture


An amazing custom alt couture piece.

Alt, or alternative couture, is the closest that you can get to a real ‘haute couture’ experience in the world of alternative fashion. With designs that are highly coveted, intricately designed, and may cause plenty of envy when worn, alternative couture is all about pushing boundaries and daring to experiment with your look, without any restraints.

Haute couture has been de rigueur in the world of fashion for centuries, a coveted and often elusive, world of high end fashion, that sees boundaries being constantly pushed and experimented with, all in the name of fashion. No ordinary attire, the world of couture pays extra attention to detail, as well as sizing and quality, with items being made to measure, and custom made to the clientèle’s preferences, so it’s no wonder that the world of alternative fashion, with it’s custom approach to clothing, has taken a pinch of inspiration from haute couture, to take alternative fashion up a step to a world of astonishing designs.

Did you know that more than often a lot of alternative designers started out in the world of fashion and couture? Even our very own sellers, Italiano Couture and Dollydripp, first started out working for fashion houses, taking their experience and knowledge from the world of fashion and using it to create their own amazing alternative designs.


Alt couture corsetry at it’s finest by Gore Couture.

The art of couture is all about experience, and with alt couture it’s this experience and years of practice that go into creating and perfecting incredibly unique pieces of wearable alternative art. Couture often pushes boundaries, with items worn that you wouldn’t find on the high street, each piece can take months to perfect, with items made from scratch to the clientèle’s preferences and measurements – sounds rather familiar doesn’t it? So it’s no wonder that we’ve seen a rise in alt couture, with many alternative designers creating their own amazing alternative couture designs.

Alternative couture fashion gives you a real one to one experience with the designer, it’s the perfect way to have a garment custom made to your own specifications, whether it’s made to your specific measurements, or customized with your own choice of fabrics and embellishments. Alt couture allows you to have your own one of a kind garment made for you, by an experienced alternative designer who can turn your alternative fashion dreams into an astounding reality.

You can shop directly from alt couture designers here at our marketplace, allowing you to get a bespoke piece of clothing made to order from the designers themselves. Our Couture section is full of amazing alt couture pieces that you can have made to your exact specifications, whether it’s a custom made corset, or a bespoke gothic dress that your after, you’ll find plenty of stunning alt couture designs to shop from, giving you an alternative couture experience without even having to leave the house!

With alt couture pieces it’s important to know exactly what your after, whether it’s a corset made in a fabric that you’ve been lusting after for months, or a dress that’s perfectly made to measure. Couture items are made to fit, and to your specifications, so you’ll need to have an idea of what it is that you’d like created for you before you order. Most alternative couture designs have fabric swatches to choose from, making selecting your perfect couture piece even easier, so you can pick and choose exactly how you want your custom corset, dress, or skirt to look.

Even alternative accessories get the couture treatment, like this headdress by Vagabond Couture.

Even alternative accessories get the couture treatment, like this headdress by Vagabond Couture.

The crucial part of every alt couture design is the measurements, you’ll need to know exactly what measurements to take for your couture clothing to ensure that it fits perfectly. Take a look through the listing description and photos to see what measurements the designer will need from you, if in doubt you can always contact our alt couture sellers through their listing to discuss measurements and sizing options for your order, it’s a great way to ensure that your item will be a perfect fit, and you can discuss your order options with ease, it’s almost like having them on hand to take the measurements for you!

Alt couture clothing can take weeks to perfect, especially when it comes to items that are heavily detailed, so it will require a bit of patience when waiting for your stunning new creations to arrive, but it will be more than worth the wait to get your mitts on that custom silk corset from Gore Couture, or that bespoke head dress by Vagabond Couture when it arrives. Take note of the waiting time on the listing page to see how long you can expect your couture creation to take, as some items can take much quicker than initially expected to arrive.

After the wait is over you’ll have your own bespoke creation to adorn, a piece of alternative couture that’s truly unique and a great addition to your wardrobe. So why wait, when you could be sinking your claws into a beautiful bespoke dress or shrug within weeks! Take a look around our alternative Couture section to find a great selection of truly couture and bespoke alternative designs that would look perfect in any alternative wardrobe.