A magical world of dark alternative style : Faerie Goth.


Magical and mystical – the Faerie Goth look is more than just dark gothic fashion.

Prepare yourself to be flown away to the otherworldly and magical side of gothic fashion, a place where fantasy and a palette of dark, glittering hues come together to create a look that’s as magical as it is dramatic and mesmerizing.

Whether you prefer to call it dark faerie, or faerie goth, the look is as fantastical as it is wonderfully creative. Gothic fashion gets a spellbinding makeover for this style that brings together the best of goth style with the wonderful world of the magical realm, if you thought faeries were just impish creatures lurking at the bottom of the garden, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this otherworldly look.

It’s hard to pin point exactly where this style emerged from, but it’s a look that’s been adorned at many a gothic festival or dance-floor for a couple of decades at least. More than simply adorning a pair of glittery fairy wings over your favourite dark attire, Faerie Goth is all about adding elements of the mystical to your look, for a style that’s incredibly creative and mesmerizing.

Swept away by the mystical world of faeries and nature, Faerie Goth is all about embracing the magical and otherworldly, it’s a look where your creativity is allow to run free and no style is out of bounds, however you want to add elements of magic to your outfit.


Be swept away by this magical long gown by our seller ROHMY.

The key inspiration to the look of course is the magical world of faeries, items such as fairy wings, pointed elf like ear tips, crowns, wands and even unicorn horns are brought in to accessorize the look, adding a magical twist to goth style. But this look is far more than simply adding a few magical elements to a base wardrobe of dark attire, fairy goth takes more of a light hearted approach to the classic goth look, often bringing in lighter elements from colourful, glittering make up, to light flowing gowns and a palette of pastel shades.

It’s a style where your creativity can really run wild, whether you want to take inspiration from your favourite mythical creatures for a colourful make up look, or mix in items that have more of a natural look with your wardrobe of classic gothic attire. There’s certainly an ethereal element to this magical alternative style, with items that have a feel of fairytale delight often being brought in to accessorize the look.

Think flower crowns and garlands, flowing velvet gowns and impish features, this is a look that’s as much about nature as it is about the dark side of alternative style. Bringing elements of gothic fashion such as corset tops, fishtail skirts and lush brocade prints into this look, but with often more of a lighter palette of shades.


Flower crowns and headdresses are an easy way to add a touch of magic to your look.

Items like long gowns are perfect for this look, along with long flowing skirts, worn with corsets and bell sleeved tops, for a truly magical look try this floor length Scorpio gown by ROHMY. If you prefer more of a mischievous twist on the Faerie goth look, mix up items like tutu skirts with corset tops and short pixie style dresses. Try this Selene iridescent skirt by Corvus Corone for a magical twist on your look.

Accessories are the key to this look, items like flower crowns and headdresses can instantly add a magical twist to your look, try this beautiful flower headdress by Nebula X Crafts to add a touch of faerie style to your outfit. For a lighter twist on the look, go for this pretty pastel Pearls and flowers headband by Avalon Saez Fantasy Couture.

Items like gloves in pastel shades are a great way to dress up your look, try these Ombre lace gloves by KMK Designs for a lovely light twist to your look. Layer up your look with items like harnesses and vest tops, this hooded vest top by Opal Moon Designs adds a touch of magic to any outfit.

Jewellery is usually minimal, but pieces that are inspired by nature are perfect to add to your outfit, items like crystal pendants are perfect, like this Tree of life pendant by Rock your world. Add simple statement pieces to your look like this filigree knuckle ring by Nocturne.

Finish off your look with some creative, magical make up, adding a sprinkle of pastel tones and glitter for a truly magical look.

Your creativity can certainly run free, and what better a style to connect with nature whilst still retaining that beautifully dark gothic look. However you want to dress up your Faerie Goth look, you’ll find plenty of magical attire and accessories from our sellers here at the marketplace.

Take a look at more examples of the Faerie Goth look in our gallery below: