A whistle stop tour of stylish steampunk attire.


A look that’s as unique as it is incredibly stylish, steampunk allows you to be as creative as you like!

You can’t picture a more whimsical look than the grand Victoriana of steampunk, a style that we’ve certainly taken to heart and grown to adore, and when you can look as stylish as this why wouldn’t you want to be seen wearing anything else?!

Whether it’s the classic Victorian look or the whirlwind age of steam with a modern twist that draws you in, you can’t deny the unmistakeable iconic look that is steampunk. This incredibly visual alternative look takes as much influence from the world of fiction as it does from the historical fashions of the Victorian era, making for a wonderfully stylish, and unique alternative look.

It’s a style that delights the senses as much as it is a pleasure to wear, bringing in a sense of whimsical fashion and futuristic elements, there’s certainly a very unique touch to this alternative style, and what grander a look to adorn than an outfit that’s perfectly pieced together in steampunk style!

This is a look that will certainly get you noticed, far grander than it’s gothic Victorian counterpart and one that allows plenty of room for creativity, whether your making your own DIY Victorian style gun holster to strap over your bloomers and bustle skirt, or simply matching up beautiful pieces of cogwork jewellery to create a striking centrepiece to your outfit.


Stylish accessories like this monocle by Atticraiders, allow you to create your own whimsical steampunk outfit.

The key to any good steampunk outfit is the perfect setting pieces, items such as fully boned corsets, crinolines, bustle skirts, jackets and trouser suits with waistcoats are perfect for this look. Go for classic steampunk tones with your outfit, such as bronze and tan shades, or mix it up with items in white, grey and burgundy shades.

Items like this boned corset by Punkrave make for a great feature piece, with it’s striking detailing making accessorizing your look a breeze! If you prefer a more simple statement corset for your outfit try this beautiful steampunk corset vest by KMK Designs for a classic Victorian styled piece.

Bustling skirts are perfect for this look, add a unique twist to your look with this Tatterpunk skirt set by Romany Rapture with a matching shrug to bring your steampunk outfit together with ease. Add some volume to your look with a classic crinoline underneath your skirt, this pretty crinoline by Manuela Biocca is just perfect for this look.

Bring your outfit together with a classic Victorian style jacket or shrug for those warmer days, and a pair of striking ankle boots. These Oxford boots by Hades Footwear are an instant steampunk classic with their bold metal work detailing, making for a perfect accompaniment to any steampunk outfit!


These Oxford boots by Hades were just made for the steampunk look!

If you prefer a quicker approach to this classic alternative look, try this Assymetrical dress by Punkrave for an incredibly easy steampunk outfit. Team it up with some ankle boots and a striking hat for a quick and easy steampunk outfit!

But it’s accessories where this look really comes into it’s own, items like goggles and bold eyewear can really make your outfit stand out, this bold red monocle by Atticraiders makes for a wonderfully unique twist on the steampunk look. If it’s steampunk goggles that you prefer though, then you can’t go wrong with a pair of these Clockwork goggles by Mann and Co for a classic steampunk look.

Bold statement pieces of jewellery bring the look together, pin vintage style brooches to your jacket and match them up with striking pieces like these Amethyst gear earrings by Steamretro.

There are plenty of ways to piece together the perfect steampunk outfit, whether you want to go for a classic Victorian look or make a bold statement with striking signature pieces. You’ll find plenty of inspiration for your steampunk look with a great range of clothing, accessories and footwear from our sellers here at the marketplace.

Take in some beautiful steampunk inspiration with more examples of this stunning style in our gallery.