Add a touch of alternative glamour with beautiful burlesque fashion.


Add a touch of burlesque style with this vintage style fascinator.

The art of tease may have been ruffling up a few feathers over the centuries, but burlesque as an alternative style has really come into it’s own over the past decade. Taking inspiration from the glitz and glamour of the world of burlesque, burlesque fashion is all about flaunting your best assets in truly glamourous style!

To achieve true burlesque perfection, you have to look back at the rich, colourful and glamourous history of the world of burlesque. Today, we’re mostly familiar with this tongue in cheek performance art through world renowned performers like Immodesty Blaize, Anna Fur Laxis and Dita Von Teese, who have helped to bring this cultural phenomena back into the limelight. But burlesque didn’t start out a few mere decades ago, it’s been delighting and teasing audiences worldwide since the 1800’s.

The Victorian’s really took to burlesque, with London theaters staging burlesque performances during this era. Burlesque took off so much that it became popular state-side with American burlesque taking the traditional Victorian performances and adding in elements of comedy and striptease, which came to shape burlesque as we know it today. Famed performers like Gypsy Rose Lee and Sally Rand, made burlesque incredibly glamourous during the early 20th century, with their glittering, glamourous outfits that helped to shape the classic look that we associate with burlesque.


Every burlesque outfit need’s a good corset, like this underbust corset by Manuela Biocca.

Modern day burlesque, often referred to as ‘Neo burlesque‘, takes the classic glamour of the traditional burlesque performance and gives it a stylish makeover. Neo burlesque is as much about the style, as it is about the performance and the humorous elements, and it’s this stylish take on burlesque that’s influenced a rather glamourous alternative look.

Whilst today’s burlesque performers may be shimmying down to a set of stylish pasties and merkins, the burlesque look often leaves much more to the imagination, taking inspiration from the glamourous stage outfits to create an elegant, and unique look. Think classic Hollywood glamour, with a touch of pin up cheekiness and you’ve got a classic burlesque look.

Burlesque fashion is all about flaunting your best assets, if you’ve got a voluptuous hourglass figure, then figure hugging dresses and pencil skirts are a great way to go. Slinky, fitted dresses are a must for the burlesque look, whether it’s a little black dress like this beautiful number by Shitsville Clothing, or something that really grabs your attention like this latex polka dot dress by Lady Oops, a good dress can help to bring the look together with ease.


Complete the look with a pair of stylish heels, like these Bad Kitty heels by Born Bad Betty.

If it’s a burlesque outfit for an evening out that tickles your fancy, then you really can’t go wrong with picking a good quality corset to form the basis of your outfit. Go for a corset that complements your personal style, whether it’s a classic satin corset like this beautiful underbust corset by Manuela Biocca, a stylish latex corset like this underbust corset by Gore Couture, or a beautiful velvet corset, like this overbust corset by Basque and Glory. Finish it off with a pencil skirt, or a classic ruffled skirt, like this Happy Birthday burlesque tulle skirt by Modifiedminds.

Accessories really bring the burlesque look together, glamourous items like this beautiful feathered cape by Koolies Kreations can bring a touch of burlesque style to any outfit in an instant. A good quality fascinator will add a touch of classic glamour to any outfit, go for Hollywood glamour with this feathered hat by Sakura Designs, or this cocktail hat by Maison de Cantern.

Complete the look with a stylish pair of high heels, Born Bad Betty’s Va Va Vroom heels are an instant classic for any burlesque oufit, but if it’s more of a day to day burlesque look that your going for, then a pair of their classic kitten heeled Bad Kitty heels are a must. A pair of classic steamed stockings or tights will show those beautiful heeled shoes off perfectly.

Whatever look you decide to go for, you’ll find a great selection of Burlesque inspired clothing, accessories and footwear from our sellers here at the marketplace. From killer heels, to beautiful corsets, and glamourous jewellery, you’ll find the perfect pieces to complete your burlesque look whatever your style.