Alternative Art to Complement Your Fashion


Horror show hand art print by NeverDieArt

When it comes to alternative art you want something that reflects your own personal taste, art with a sense of alternative style that complements your wardrobe perfectly. Whether it’s a piece of hand crafted steampunk art to reflect your steampunk style, or a grunge inspired print that could easily have been plucked out of your very own alternative wardrobe.

Art should reflect who you are, and when it comes to alternative style the world of art is certainly no exception. There’s a world of alternative artists out there creating their own unique pieces of art that complement their own alternative tastes and style, with unique, engaging and eye catching pieces of art that could easily fit into any alternative home.

Not all of us are gifted with artistic talents, and that’s where alternative artists come in, they can create stunning and unique pieces of alternative art to adorn any home, and bring a touch of your own personal style into your house.

Whatever your alternative style you’ll find plenty of artists creating pieces that you adore, from the kitsch, with pin up style prints and 50’s inspired paintings, to the bold, with graphic grungey prints and paintings, and the gothic, with stunning hand painted goth art prints.


Steampunk collage by dadadreams at etsy

A quick look around site’s like Etsy, and our very own marketplace, will unveil a world of alternative inspired and styled art, with artists around the world creating their own spin on alternative style in their artwork. It’s all about picking your favourite styles, and finding the right piece of art that reflects your own style, whilst also looking perfect in your home.

Why not choose your favourite alternative style, and take a look around for art inspired by your very own clothing. If it’s images of steampunk Victoriana that you adore, a look around sites like Etsy for steampunk art for instance, will reveal plenty of inspirational and unique art works. From Victorian style sketches and prints, to collages of vintage images that piece together the perfect image of the age of steam; alternative artists have captured the essence of steampunk perfectly with each take on this unique alternative style within their art work.

Perhaps, you prefer something a little different to a hand painted piece of art, artwork prints, like our own sellers ranges of original prints, are a quick and easy way to add a touch of alternative style to your home. Simply pop the print into a frame; whether it’s a simple glass frame or an up-cycled vintage frame, and you can instantly add a touch of alternative style on your wall.

Prints are a great way to collect pieces of alternative styled art with minimal fuss, with many artists recreating their paintings in print form to suit any budget. From classic 1950’s inspired pin up prints for those who adore rockabilly fashion, to fantasy styled art prints for a touch of goth art to match your favourite gothic style, it’s never been easier to add a touch of alternative style to your home.


Pin up on the moon art print by Miss Fluff

Pieces like NeverDieArt’s graphic, sketchy, grunge inspired prints, are a great way to add a touch alternative style to your home, with colourful prints that can complement any alternative style, whether you choose to display the prints as they are, or place them in your own customized frame for an even more unique, piece of art.

Or maybe you prefer something with more of a kitsch flair, like Miss Fluff’s pin up style prints, bringing the classic 50’s pin up up to date with a range of unique, hand crafted prints.

It’s certainly a great way to add a unique, alternative touch of style to your home, and with such a vast selection of art to choose from, it’s never been easier to source pieces of art for your alternative home. For some inspiration for the perfect art to adorn your home, why not take a look around at our sellers selection of alternative artworks. From prints to paintings, you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece of art that reflects your own alternative style to hang in your home.