Alternative style is for life, not just for Halloween..

Much like the saying goes, choosing to dress, and live an alternative lifestyle isn’t just for Halloween, it’s for life.. As we get closer to Halloween each year, a sudden new interest in alternative fashion tends to come about, you’ll see the spooky tags gracing gothic wears, and vampires coming back into style faster than you can say ‘Bella, who?!‘, but dressing in an alternative style isn’t a quick gimmick, it’s a lifestyle choice, and one that you certainly live and breathe all year round.

halloween-post1Dressing alternative isn’t a costume that you throw on for special occasions, it’s something that you wear day to day, and it’s as much an integral part of your life as anything else. Whilst it’s terribly flattering that people take a pinch of inspiration from the alternative wardrobe at this time of year; imitation is as they say the best form of flattery, but it’s just as important that they realise that alternative style is a lifestyle choice, not a quick fix throwaway costume.

One of the things that makes alternative fashion so remarkable is it’s unique approach, it’s all about experimenting with your clothing, and dressing to express yourself in whatever way you choose. What makes it so special is the very designers and companies at the heart of the alternative scene, the designers creating eye catching, unique, pieces of clothing, and sharing their own passion for alternative style within their designs. Whether it’s a latex designer, creating vibrant, colourful outfits, a gothic designer, creating gorgeous velvet and lace dresses, or a diy designer, turning that oversized band t-shirt into a beautiful corset top, each designer takes a lot of love and care with their craft, creating wonderful pieces of alternative fashion that are made to last for a lifetime, unlike throwaway high street fashion that’s made simply to be worn once, then never again.

That’s the beauty of alternative fashion, the designers come from all walks of life, whether they’re self taught, a trained tailor, or an experienced milliner, regardless of their background they all share the same passion and creativity that comes with alternative fashion, and spend a lifetime honing their craft to create some of the most wonderful pieces of alternative fashion that will grace your wardrobe.

halloween-post3From that attention to detail and experience, comes wonderful quality alternative fashion, items that are made to be worn, rather than hung up in your wardrobe after one outing, besides why would you invest in a slinky latex dress for it never to be seen! Alternative fashion demands to be worn, to be seen, and loved as much as any other item of clothing, and with items that look this good, why wouldn’t you want to adorn them as often as possible.

There’s no mistaking the wonderful work that comes from alternative designers, you only need take a quick glance at the selection of designers here to see that there’s some remarkable talent, each taking their own unique approach at alternative fashion.

Who says that alternative fashion’s a fad, it’s been gracing wardrobes for many a decade, and with timeless pieces still making an impression today, it’s no wonder that it’s sparking creativity wherever it goes.

Whilst for some this time of year conjures up images of ghostly ghouls, and creatures of the night, for the rest of us it’s just another day of the year, business as usual as they’d say! That doesn’t mean that we don’t get to join in on the fun, but we don’t hang up our gothic clothing, and our punk clothing for another year, we keep on wearing it day after day as part of our constant alternative look.

Why not take a look around the selection of alternative designers here within the marketplace, and find some future favourites to add to your own alternative wardrobe that will last for many years to come.

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Shitsville Clothing top photographed by Reverend Vegas, modelled by Miss Mischief.