Bold, brash, DIY, alternative style.


A stylish DIY style piece with this rebel dress by Peppermint Giraffe

There’s something unmistakably cool about a customized jacket, an item of truly alternative clothing that’s stylish, unique, and truly DIY. Besides, why wear the same thing as everybody else when you could create your own alternative fashion with a DIY style outfit that’s truly unique.

DIY style is nothing new, we’ve been doing it since those first safety pinned jeans of the punk era, but it’s a way to make an item completely unique to you. DIY style has been at the heart of the alternative scene since it first began, from the amateur seamstress turning a band t-shirt into a stylish corset dress, to the artisan crafter ripping up a pair of jeans to make them their own, DIY has been inspiring us to make our own alternative clothing, whilst also creating some truly memorable, unique alternative fashion looks.

DIY is all about taking an item and turning it into something completely different, whether it’s adding studs to a pair of jeans, hand painting art onto a leather jacket, or adding embellishments to a pair of shoes to revamp them. DIY style allows the wearer to adorn an item that’s one of a kind and truly unique to them.


Turn heads with this DIY style Jabberwocky dress by Modifiedminds.

DIY has been such an influence to alternative fashion that in the past decade it’s even inspired alternative designers and up starters to create their own DIY, one of a kind, alternative fashion. In the early ’00’s DIY style made a gigantic leap forward, as alternative designers started to pick up those remnants of fabric, embellishments, and studs, and turned them into truly fashionable pieces of alternative clothing. DIY style was not just influencing the keen home seamstress to make their own clothing, it was also influencing the very designers at the heart of alternative fashion to create their own unique pieces of clothing.

Alternative fashion found a new lease of life as drab, tired, old, pieces of clothing found a new lease of life as colourful, bold, and stylish pieces of DIY clothing. It created an alternative from the mass produced items of clothing, and looked incredibly stylish as it introduced a new alternative style.

Today, DIY style is still at the heart of alternative fashion, it’s a style that’s helped to create a couture approach to alternative fashion, with no two pieces the same. DIY designers at the heart of alternative fashion, have been creating their unique, DIY clothing for many years, that’s allowed them to create some truly unique items of clothing.

You’ll find an abundance of DIY style to add to your wardrobe, with plenty of DIY designers around the world creating their own unique, alternative fashion. Our very own sellers, Peppermint Giraffe and Modifiedminds have created a stylish range of DIY alternative clothing, with one of a kind pieces that will fit perfectly in any alternative wardrobe.


Stand out with these DIY style heels by Shitsville Clothing.

You can add a touch of DIY style to any outfit with ease, pick up a customized jacket to dress up your favourite outfit, like this bold DIY style jacket by Peppermint Giraffe, you certainly won’t bump into anybody else wearing the same thing!

Dress up your look with a pair of stylish customized heels, these Alice pumps by Shitsville Clothing are just perfect, finished off with studs and a skull embellished flower for a truly unique pair of shoes.

Why not pick up a one of a kind piece to complete your DIY look, this stylish Jabberwocky dress by our seller Modifiedminds is truly unique, a piece that will certainly cause plenty of envy whenever you wear it.

Whether you want to pick up a piece to create a new look, or find a unique piece of clothing to adorn, you’ll find plenty of stylish DIY clothing from our sellers. Why not take a look around the marketplace to see what unique, one of a kind finds you can pick up.