Break hearts with an iconic pin up look : Accessorizing in pin up style.

Pin Up accessories at I Am Attitude
Pin up earrings by Punk Up Bettie at I Am Attitude

This look is all about classic glamour. Pieces like these Flamingo Hearts earrings by Punk Up Bettie are the perfect way to accessorize this look!

Never one to shy away from the limelight, Pin up style is all about heart stopping, jaw dropping, killer looks, from the perfect Bettie bangs right down to those seamed stockings. Accessories really make the look, and one alternative style that really benefits from the perfect accessories is the Pin Up look.

It’s a style that’s seeped in layers of classic glamour, with it’s iconic look that goes back to the classic pin up’s and Hollywood starlets of the 1950’s. You can’t imagine this style without thinking of pin up’s from this era, from the iconic Bettie Page, to Diana Dors, and Anita Ekberg, their daring, racy and heart stopping images helped to shape this unique alternative style, and it’s their signature style that we still take influence from today for the iconic pin up look.

Think tight sweater tops, pencil skirts, slinky dresses and killer high heels, and your on to a perfect Pin up look, but this style doesn’t stop at the iconic clothing, it goes further than that, with sleek, stylish accessories that help to shape the perfect pin up outfit.

You can’t picture a classic Pin up look without thinking of a pair of sleek seamless stockings, the iconic stocking was a remarkable accessory at the time, and it’s popularity certainly grew in the post war era of the 1950’s. The fully fashioned seamed stocking has long been associated with this look, in part thanks to it’s rise in popularity during the pin up era, and no classic look would be complete without a pair to adorn under your favourite pencil skirt.

Pin up clothing by Dollydripp at I Am Attitude

Dress the pin up look to perfection with stylish accessories, from killer heels to hair bows.

What really makes those seams stand out though is the perfect pair of killer high heels, whether it’s a stiletto shape, or a platformed high heel, the perfect pair of shoes are just one of the many finishing touches that helps to bring this look together. Go for a sleek pair of black high heels for an iconic look, or contrast those seams with a pair of colourful heels.

Retro inspired handbags are perfect for a day to day Pin up outfit, go for statement pieces that complete your look as well as your reflecting personal style. Pieces like this unique Wasp Woman handbag by B Movie Bags are great for a retro take on the pin up look, with a classic late 1950’s horror movie poster painting adorning the bag.

Hair Flower by Pearls and Swine at I Am Attitude

Hair flowers are a great way to add an instant touch of glamour to any pin up look.

This is a look where hair styles really draw attention to your look, from the iconic victory rolls, to shaped Bettie bangs and pin curls, make your look stand out even more with stylish hair accessories such as hair wraps and stylish hair clips. Hair flowers have long been associated with the pin up look, wear pieces that co-ordinate with your outfit and add a pop of colour to your hair, even better when you contrast them with your latest hair colour! Flower clips like this Blue orchid hair flower by Pearls & Swine look perfect with any pin up outfit, or for a more colourful look try this Sailor anchor hair flower clip by Punk Up Bettie.

With your perfectly pinned in hair flowers, killer heels and statement hand bag all lined up, your Pin up look is almost complete! Mix and match in pieces of jewellery for a truly amazing pin up outfit, from statement necklaces, to lavish rings and colourful earrings, retro styles are perfect for this look. These Flamingo Delight heart earrings by Punk Up Bettie add a great twist to your look, mix it up with items like necklaces and statement bracelets, this Pucker Up Cameo necklace by Project Pinup will match up perfectly with that iconic pin up red lipstick!

Accessories certainly make the look and when it comes to pin up fashion they can help to shape and perfect your outfit in iconic style. However you want to accessorize your pin up outfit, you’ll find a great selection of Pin Up accessories and footwear from our sellers here at the marketplace, to shape your look in truly iconic pin up style!

Find more stunning examples of the Pin up look in our gallery below:

Image credits:
Hair bow and earrings by Punk Up Bettie
Model/MUAH: Nea Dune | Photography: Martina Spoljaric

Wiggle dress by Dollydripp
Model: Elle J Divine | Photographer: Nick Price

Purple glitter hair flower by Pearls & Swine
Model: Isobel Saunders | MUA: Jennifer Bombardiere-Lippett | Photographer: Ellie Victoria Gale Photographer