Celebrate your big day in alternative style with these amazing wedding outfit ideas.


Go for a beautifully couture look with this dress by Avalon Saez.

Why wear the same as everyone else when you could really stand out on your big day in a beautifully unique, offbeat, alternative bridal dress! Be bold, brash, or beautifully understated with some of these amazing alternative outfit ideas for your wedding day.

You’ll want something that reflects your own personal alternative style, and what better way to add your own unique touch to your wedding, than with an alternative wedding dress. The traditional white dress may be more suited to some, but when you live and breath alternative style the rest of the time, why shouldn’t you bring a little bit of alternative style to your wedding too!

Non-traditional wedding dresses aren’t exactly a new trend, brides to be around the world have been rocking alternative style down the aisle for years, thanks to a renewed interest in more alternative, and DIY style weddings through alternative blogs and wedding sites. Brides have been making their big day much more personal by adding their own unique touches to their outfit, that reflect their own personal style, and more than often going for an alternative look with their outfit.


Break tradition and go for a beautiful statement piece.

Besides, why stick to tradition when you could be walking down the aisle in a luxurious gothic dress, or rocking out in a stylish 50’s style rockabilly swing dress! The world of alternative style knows no limits, and when it comes to your big day, you really will be spoilt for choice with the amazing alternative wedding dresses available to choose from.

Whether you choose to go DIY and customise a dress for a truly unique piece, or go couture with a beautifully bespoke outfit, the skies the limit with these amazing alternative outfit ideas from our sellers!

Go darkly gothic.
Be a beautifully gothic bride with this stunning outfit by Avalon Saez, in a lush velvet with feathered detailing that will certainly draw all eyes to you as you walk down the aisle in this couture piece.

If you prefer something a little more romantic, than look no further than this Amaranth Medieval dress by Il Fiore Nero. Conjuring up images of gothic romance from a bygone era, that will certainly add a unique touch to your big day.

For a unique twist on gothic style, this wedding dress by Poen De Szimiy will certainly help you to break the traditional rules on your big day. With an alternative twist on the traditional white outfit, thanks to the lush leather and lace bodice, and an abundance of tulle layers.


Wear latex down the aisle, with this beautiful piece by Dawnamatrix.

Make a statement with latex.
Ever dreamed of the perfect latex dress to wear down the aisle? Look no further than this beautiful Enchantment gown by Dawnamatrix. With it’s beautiful a-line silhouette, accentuated perfectly in layers of luxurious latex fabric, who says that you can’t wear latex on your big day!

Add a touch of rockabilly style.
Go for a classic 50’s inspired look with a stunning swing dress, this Greta Dress by Phoenixx Designs is perfect to accentuate those curves, and add a unique touch to your outfit. Layer up the look with a bustling petticoat skirt underneath for a truly amazing alternative look!

Be swept up by a whirlwind of steampunk romance.
Even steampunk style can be worn down the aisle, with this beautiful Black Kirsten gown by KMK Designs. A stunning three piece outfit with beautifully ruffled detailing, adding a touch of Victorian style to your wedding outfit.

Why wear anything else for your big day, when you could be seen walking down the aisle in these beautiful alternative dresses. Whatever your style, you can bring a touch of your own personal taste to your wedding outfit with a piece that’s as stunning, as it is memorable and unique.

Shop our sellers outstanding selection of alternative dresses for some inspirational ideas and unique outfits for your own wedding day, from couture to gothic and rockabilly, we’ve got it all!

View some beautiful alternative wedding dresses in our gallery below.