Cosplay : bringing characters to life in alternative style.


Poison Ivy gets a latex upgrade by Black Sheep Latex.

Cosplay, has been around for decades, but it’s only recently come to light in the alternative scene, thanks to alternative designers creating their own unique spin on much loved characters from the worlds of fantasy, sci-fi and anime.

Cosplay is an incredibly creative style and performance art, the word cosplay itself is a combination of the words costume and play, perfectly describing this aspect of alternative culture. It allows the wearer to dress in an otherworldly style, bringing their favourite characters from the screen and comics to life with their unique spin on their look.

It’s all about the costume, the right outfit can bring the wearers chosen character to life, playing a perfect homage to their favourite characters from tv, film, comic books, games and novels.

Cosplay has been around for many years, but it’s only since the 1990’s that this cultural phenomena has become more popular. It’s become not just an important part of Japanese culture, where this phenomena started, but a worldwide part of alternative culture, with many cosplayer’s attending events such as comic con’s dressed as their favourite characters.

One huge aspect of cosplay style is the costumes, these can vary vastly in style from simple costumes, to highly detailed pieces, each outfit containing crucial details from the characters ensemble. The attention to detail is hugely impressive, with some cosplayer’s choosing to create their own costumes entirely from scratch.

For those who don’t have the time to create their own perfect cosplay costume, many alternative designers have been helping to bring beloved characters to life with their own take on cosplay. Designers like our very own sellers, Black Sheep Latex and Koolies Kreations, have created perfect cosplay costumes that have gone on to be worn by cosplayers around the world. Whether it’s a perfectly pieced together Sucker Punch outfit, a foxy take on Supergirl, or a picture perfect Poison Ivy, each outfit has been perfectly created to bring each beloved character to life.

The outfit really makes the look, but cosplay is as much about the costume as it is about bringing the character to life. Cosplayers take on the identity of their chosen character, whether it’s a femme Chewbacca, or a stake wielding Buffy Summers, cosplayers often take on the characters mannerisms and body language to portray their chosen characters, and the right outfit can really bring the representation of their character to life.


Sucker Punch Baby Doll outfit by Koolies Kreations.

Whether you want to lovingly recreate your favourite character for the day, or piece together the perfect outfit for a comic con, it’s all about finding the right items for your cosplay outfit. You certainly can’t go wrong by selecting a few stand out pieces from the sellers here at our marketplace, with many of our sellers having designed items for cosplay outfits.

From the perfect pair of shoes to finish off your outfit, to complete costumes and even hair falls. Whether you want to dress in a Predator inspired costume, or a twisted take on a beloved fairytale character, you’ll find plenty of pieces to help complete the look.

Item’s like CutesyKink’s bustle skirts and harnesses are great to piece together for a steampunk cosplay outfit, finish them off with a pair of steampunk boots, like Hades stylish Oxford boots, and you’ve got yourself the perfect steampunk cosplay outfit.

Create a darker cosplay outfit with styled pieces like this wire corset by CEXN, and these cyber lox hair falls by Cyberfreak. Finished off with a pair of classic New Rock boots and you could easily fit in with a classic sci-fi look.

Staple accessories like belts, goggles and styled cuffs can really help to finish your cosplay outfit, whatever look your going for remember to pay attention to key details on your chosen characters outfit, these crucial pieces can really help to bring your cosplay outfit together.

Whoever you decide to cosplay as, remember to have fun creating your perfect cosplay costume. Take a look around at our sellers selections of clothing and accessories to help piece together your look, why not look at our Fantasy and Cosplay section to see what items you can find for the perfect cosplay outfit.

Image credit: Poison Ivy cosplay.
Model & Retouching: Kassandra Leigh
Photographer: Conri
Outfit: Black Sheep Latex