Dark, but cute on the outside : Pastel Goth style.


A perfect pastel goth look.

It’s goth, but not as we know it, gone are the dark black clad outfits, replaced with a sweeter, cuter outfit of pastel shades and deadly accessories. Pastel goth has taken the traditional gothic look and given it a feminine, pastel makeover, and we certainly can’t argue with the adorably dark results.

Goth style has already undergone a drastic makeover with the younger generation, taking the traditional look and giving it more of a dark, grungey look, if nu goth is all about the dark with an urban edge, then pastel goth is it’s sweeter counterpart with a lighter style. Don’t let the pastel locks and cute accessories fool you though, it’s still just as dark, with plenty of gothic imagery helping to shape the pastel goth look.

Inverted crosses, bats and skulls still play an important part to the pastel goth look as much as they do with a traditional gothic look, but instead of an all black wardrobe, they’re given a wash of pastel and ombre shades to create a look that’s deadly but cute.

A look that’s been heavily driven by social media, thanks to sites like tumblr and pinterest, where pastel goth has become the new alternative. Pastel goth style has certainly risen in popularity in recent years, with pastel coloured locks and deadly cute accessories becoming incredibly stylish. It’s certainly a kawaii take on the goth look, with many choosing to mix and match kawaii imagery, with goth style.


A cute take on pastel goth with this crop top by Ivory Jar.

It’s all about mixing and matching items, taking pieces that are traditionally gothic, like inverted cross tee’s, to black velvet dresses and mixing them up with pastel coloured accessories like colourful bat rings and skeleton hair clips, finishing the look off with pastel coloured hair and dark gothic footwear like creepers and platformed boots.

Creating a pastel goth look is far easier than you’d imagine, take goth styled items like velvet dresses, bat print mini dresses, oversized inverted cross tees, and printed leggings to form the base of your look. Black clothing is the key, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with pastel printed gothic t-shirts or ombre leggings. For a cuter pastel goth look, try wearing dark printed crop tops, like this Hor-fuckin-rific crop top by Ivory Jar, or this Illuminati crop top by Shayne of the dead.

Accessories really complete the pastel goth look, darkly goth styled pieces like this rose crown by Torture Couture look perfect against lilac coloured locks, alongside hair bows and deadly gothic black hair flowers.


The perfect accessories bring the pastel goth look together.

Plenty of jewellery keeps the pastel tone in with the look, pastel coloured crosses are a given of course, alongside bats and occult styled pieces. Items like this dark kitty necklace and these pastel cross earrings by Atomic Lace, are perfect to add to any outfit. Dark make up still plays a crucial part to the look too, go for black lipstick with pastel coloured eye make up and dark eye-liner for a pastel goth look.

Complete the look with ombre and pastel coloured leggings, platform shoes and black creepers, for a look that’s deadly cute. It may not be as dark as the traditional gothic style, but it’s a look that’s perfect for day to day goth wear – besides, haven’t we all wanted pastel locks at one time or another!

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Top image: via Pinterest – Pastel goth.