Darkly alternative : Accessorizing in occult style.


Accessories make the outfit, items like body harnesses are perfect for the dark occult look.

We clearly can’t get enough of the new gothic look, with plenty of stylish macabre elements, mixed in with dark occult style, making for a look that’s wonderfully black clad and mysterious. Alternative fashion has taken a turn towards the occult, making our wardrobes a little darker, but just as stylish!

Gothic style has always been impeccably stylish, but with this dark, occult driven twist on the classic goth look, we’re mixing our lush velvet’s up with inverted crosses, pentagrams and wonderfully macabre imagery, making for a dark alternative look that’s effortlessly stylish.

This look is all about the delightfully dark, taking a pinch of inspiration from 90’s alternative fashion, such as grunge, and mixing it up with gothic style, and a healthy dash of the occult. A base wardrobe of black is just as crucial to this look as the occult symbols and mysticism that adorns this style, so you can rest assured that your favourite staple pieces will fit in perfectly with the occult look.

The dark occult look can be pieced together perfectly with a base wardrobe of black, from crushed velvets, to dark denims and lycras, less about the layers than the bustling traditional gothic look, but still abundant with plenty of black clad attire. Think more leggings, mini skirts, crop tops, vest tops and long cardigans, layered up with plenty of accessories.


Be deadly mesmerizing, with these spiked heart sunglasses by Torture Couture.

The key to any occult look of course is the symbolism, items are often emblazoned with mystical and occult symbols, from inverted crosses to pentagrams and skulls, taking as much influence from paganism as it does from cult classics like The Craft.

Complete your look in occult style with plenty of stylish accessories, items like body harnesses, chokers, floral crowns and rings are perfect for this look, layer them up for a stylish dark alternative look.

If the lingerie as outerwear trend had taught us anything, it’s that layering is the key to any good look! Items like body harnesses are perfect for the occult look, layer up this Pentagram harness by Cirque Apparel over a crop top for great base to your outfit. If leathers more of your thing, then this body harness by Tempest and Serenity is just perfect to layer up your look.

Items like chokers can add a touch of occult style to any look, from o ring collars to pentagram adorned chokers. Try this pentagram choker by Sapphires Armouries for a great occult accessory, or go for a touch of velvet with this stylish black velvet choker by Mystic Thread.


Statement pieces of jewellery really make the look, adorn items with stylish occult symbols and mystical elements.

Jewellery is where this look really comes into it’s own, the key is to layer up items to match your look, whether it’s with plenty of rings or necklaces. Layer up necklaces with occult symbols and mystical elements, like this black onyx point necklace by Blood Moon Adornments, which looks great layered up over simple charm necklaces. Or create the illusion of multiple pieces with this multistranded coven layer necklace by Mysticum Luna.

Plenty of rings are perfect for this dark occult look, go for banded rings like this Witch ring by Mysticum Luna, mixed in with statement pieces like this Atra X ring by Elemental Luxury.

Add finishing touches to complete the look, from fingerless gloves to show off your rings, to stylish handbags. This pentagram leather bag by Family Skiners is a great statement piece to finish off your look, or why not accessorize inside your bag with this stylish moon phase bag by Violet Moonchild which is perfect to store your essentials.

The key to any occult look is with how you accessorize, you can add in items to match your look, as well as adding your own unique twist on this dark alternative style, finish your look off in deadly alternative fashion with these stylish spiked heart sunglasses by Torture Couture.

Take a pinch of inspiration from our sellers, and sink your claws into some stylish dark alternative accessories that are just perfect for the occult look here at the marketplace.