Drop dead gorgeous Pin Up style


Create the perfect pin up look with items like this crop bikini top by Dollydripp.

For a look that just oozes classic glamour, you can’t beat the iconic pin up look. A style that’s been taken on with much aplomb by the alternative scene, and with deadly, glamourous looks, you certainly won’t find a more stunning alternative style.

A look that walks hand in hand with rockabilly style, the pin up look stays true to the same iconic, unmistakable style of the 1950’s, an age when the classic pin up was all the rage, from the look of Hollywood glamour, to the titillating pin up models gracing magazines. A style that was all about flaunting your best assets, and doing it in an often unforgettable style.

From the famous Hollywood starlets rising eyebrows with their stunning looks both on and off the silver screen, like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Jayne Mansfield, to the cheeky cheesecake pin up models that we often associate with this classic style, like Bettie Page, Diana Dors and Anita Ekberg, we’re all too familiar with Bettie Page’s work that’s helped to raise the image of the classic pin up, through both her cheesecake style and fetish work as a pin up model.

Whether it was a pulp magazine, or in the cheeky sketches of Gil Elvgren, the pin up look still inspires us today, a classic look that’s all about flaunting your assets, whether it’s celebrating the iconic hourglass figure, or your picture perfect tattoos, and doing it in a truly unforgettable style.


Add some classic pin up style to your look with a pretty hair flower.

The pin up look is an instant classic, whether your dressing for a day out with a classic pair of high waisted jeans with a tie shirt, or wearing a slinky satin dress with a faux fur stole for an evening out, not too dissimilar to the classic rockabilly look, with it’s iconic 1950’s style, pin up is all about dressing in a truly glamourous fashion.

A look that’s as much about vintage style, as it is about creating a drop dead gorgeous look, the pin up look takes classic 1950’s items like high waisted jeans, skirts and shorts, to bullet bras, crop tops and sweaters, and dresses them up in an eye catching alternative style that’s truly unforgettable.

Piecing together a pin up style outfit is far easier than you’d think, with many alternative labels now taking a pinch of inspiration from this classic style. For a day to day pin up outfit that’s truly alternative in style, you can’t beat staple items like pencil skirts, high waisted jeans and shorts, finish the look off with a front tie shirt, crop top or a sweet bustier top, like this skull and crossbones cropped bustier top by Dollydripp.


The perfect pair of pin up heels by Born Bad Betty.

A great fitting dress is an essential item for any pin up outfit, whether it’s a slinky satin dress, a figure hugging pencil cut dress, or a halter neck dress, it’s all about choosing the right dress to create the perfect pin up look. Strapless dresses are a great way to go, dresses like this polka dot mini dress by Dollydripp are great for a rockabilly styled pin up outfit, but for a classic evening dress this Emma dress by Devinto is just perfect when teamed up with a faux fur stole. If you fancy something a little cheekier, this Tango dress by Phoenix rising designs adds a touch of burlesque style to your outfit, or you could go for a latex piece, like this Halterneck dress by Black Sheep Latex.

Bring the pin up look together with a great pair of high heels, whether it’s a pair of classic high heels, like these Lost your cherry heels by Born Bad Betty, or something a little more daring, like Born Bad Betty’s Va Va Vroom heels. Team them up with a great pair of seamed tights or stockings for the perfect pin up outfit.

No outfit is complete without the right accessories, of course less is more when it comes to the pin up look, but you can’t beat a pretty hair flower, or a striking hair clip to sit alongside your pin up curls and bangs. Bold statement pieces are a great way to add a touch of alternative style to your pin up look, pieces like this Purple glitter hair flower by Pearls and Swine with it’s elegant hummingbird detailing are just perfect, alongside this rockabilly styled Sailor anchor and stars hair flower by Punk Up Bettie.

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