Elegantly gothic accessories, dressing up in Victorian style.

Victorian gothic jacket at I Am Attitude
Victorian gothic jacket by Punkrave

Accessorize your look in Victorian gothic style with this jacket by Punkrave.

It’s an era that we’re constantly re-visiting, and with looks that speak of romantic elegance, and whimsical finery, there’s no finer style than the classic Victorian gothic look.

It was a period where we let our curiosity get the better of us, where flights of whimsical fancies and the supernatural played as crucial a part to everyday fashion, as the bustling, romantic looks of the time. We’ve long held this darkly, gothic look close to our hearts, as we’re swept off our feet by bustling skirts, tightly laced corsets and dapper top hats.

The Victorians certainly believed in dressing well, and there was plenty of attention to detail, just as much as our lavish gothic attire today! So it’s no wonder that we still adorn this classical styled, gothic look, adding more than a pinch of inspiration to our look, with elements of memento mori, supernatural horror, and elegant gothic style adorning our outfits.

Victorian top hat by Manuela Biocca

Every detail is crucial to the look, like this lush brocade top hat by Manuela Biocca.

The key to a truly Victorian inspired gothic look, is with plenty of perfected accessories to bring your outfit together. At a mere glance you may not spot the layers of bustling shrugs, mourning jewellery, spats and fascinators that help to shape the Victorian look, but when you start to break the outfit down, piece by perfected piece, you’ll find plenty of elegant gothic accessories adorning every element of the outfit.

Add some touches of Victorian elegance to your own look with the perfect selection of accessories, the first place to start is with a stylish jacket or shrug to layer over your outfit. For a truly elegant finishing touch, this Victorian black jacket by Punkrave is beautifully shaped to wear over your favourite shirt.

You can’t finish any Victorian look off without a classic crinoline, try this Black satin hoop cage skirt by Fraise au Loup for a great finishing touch to your look.

Memento Moir necklace at I Am Attitude.

Mourning jewellery was all the rage, add memento mori pieces to your look for the perfect Victorian look.

No Victorian lady would be seen without a hat, and a good statement piece can really bring your look together. Add a more modern gothic twist with this Mini skull brocade top hat by Manuela Biocca, or go for more of a mourning feel to your look with this Elegant dame hat by Indrolita.

Accessories like gloves were just as crucial to the Victorian gothic look, try short fingerless gloves for a great evening look, or a pair of gauntlets to match your outfit, like these Steampunk gauntlets by KMK Designs.

Bring the look together with pieces of mourning style jewellery, items like brooches were often pinned on to the lapel of a shirt or a jacket, wear pieces like this Gothic brooch by Midnight Vision as part of your outfit.

Pieces like necklaces can be just as crucial to your outfit, go for great statement pieces of mourning style jewellery, items like this Jasper Ocean cameo by Gothika’s Trinkets are the perfect match for an elegant look, or go for a dramatic gothic look with this Silver glass demon necklace by Darklim Jewelry.

Those finishing touches will come together perfectly for your Victorian outfit with the right accessories, and who better to take styling tips from for the perfect elegant gothic look than the Victorians! However you want to dress up your best Victorian attire, you’ll find the perfect accessories from our sellers here at the marketplace.