Fair hair : From cyberlox to colourful alternative wigs.


Some stylish dreads matching perfectly with our seller Evolution Division’s clothing.

From those first backcombed tresses, to perfected undercuts and tamed dreadlocks, hair has been as crucial to any alternative look as the very clothing that we adorn. Fake hair has enabled us to create some amazing and otherworldly hair styles with ease, making wigs, hair falls and extensions, a must have alternative adornment.

From cyberlox falls to synthetic dreads, we’ve been adorning a colourful and creative array of fake hair that adds a vibrant alternative look to any outfit. Whether it’s a pair of falls to dress up your look with ease, or a set of clip in extensions, the world of fake hair is incredibly stylish, and a great way to try out a new look.

Fake hair has been a crucial addition to the world of alternative style for decades, whether it’s a lavishly decorated wig, or a full set of synthetic dreads, there’s no limit to what you can create, all you need is a few essential pieces, whether it’s a wig to customize, or a bundle of synthetic hair to shape up some hair falls, and you could soon be adorning an entirely new look.


Wigs can instantly restyle any look, like with this stunning outfit by Tempesta Couture.

There’s so much to choose from these days when it comes to fake hair that you really are spoilt for choice, do you want to go for a full on cyber look with a pair of UV reactive cyberlox falls to go over your hair, or do you want a colourful wig to instantly create a vibrant look without all the work of dyeing your hair? Whatever you choose to do you can easily find the right alternative fake hair pieces to create the look that your after.

The easiest way to add some alternative fake hair to your look is with a pair of hair falls, often a set of two colourful hair falls attached to clips or ties to be worn over bunches or ponytails and styled over your hair. These come in all shapes and styles, from classic synthetic dreads, to stylish cyberlox (a tube like material that you’ll instantly recognize from many cybergoth looks) to loose synthetic hair in a rainbow of colours, they’re an easy way to change your look from day to day.

Why not try a set of these stylish silver and black cyberlox falls by Cyberfreak for an instant change to your look that works perfectly with any cyber, industrial or gothic look.

Wigs are another easy way to change your look, ranging in styles from colourful hair, to dread wigs and multi-tone shades, simply pop your hair in a wig cap (most wigs tend to come with these as standard) then pop the wig on top. It’s an incredibly easy way to change your style without having to spend time dyeing or styling your hair.


Cyberlox falls are a great way to add an instant cyber look to any outfit.

Then there’s other types of fake hair that require much more effort, like synthetic dreadlocks. These are similar in style to traditional dreadlocks but with more of an alternative flair, synthetic dreads come in a wide range of colours and styles, from double ended colours, to styled twisted patterns. Synthetic dreads do require much more time as these are often installed by a professional, but once installed they can last for months.

If the idea of wearing a full set of synthetic dreadlocks for months seems a bit too tiresome, you can opt for colourful hair extensions instead, these come in clips or glued in extensions. Clips are much easier to install yourself at home, whereas glued in extensions are done by a professional, these are often made of a similar synthetic hair to dreads, and come in a wide variety of alternative colours to create your own style, be it a faux dip dye effect, or colourful streaks.

Once your new fake hair has been perfected, why not dress it up with some stylish hair accessories, like colourful bows and hairbands. These zebra print clips by Punk up Bettie look great worn over dread falls, or why not try this pleather bat headband by Necrosarium over some hair extensions for a stylish alternative look. Circlets are a great way to get creative with your new hairstyle, this wiccan circlet by Nocturne is perfect to wear over a colourful wig or some fresh fake hair extensions.

There’s plenty of styles you can choose with fake hair, why not create some alternative styles of your own with our sellers selections of fake hair and accessories here at the marketplace.