The fantastical world of steampunk fashion

Black Victorian Blouse W/Ruched Lace Sleeves & Octopus Brooch W/Jabot by Nychta

Black Victorian Blouse W/Ruched Lace Sleeves & Octopus Brooch W/Jabot by Nychta

The classic Victorian gothic look gets a technological upgrade, paired up with the whimsical romance of the age of steam technology, creating one of the most visual alternative looks that you’ll ever set eyes upon.

Steampunk fashion came into it’s own as the style progressed alongside steampunk literature and culture, a very Victorian take on science fiction which takes inspiration from the industrialised 19th century. A time when technological advances were in abundance, which have helped to shape this genre of fiction and turn it into a very stylised alternative fashion.

Imagine a wonderful Victorian costume plucked out of the books of H.G Wells or Jules Verne, and your not far off at all, steampunk lovingly recreates outfits from the fictional genre, turning them into wonderful reproductions. Much like pin up fashion often features reproductions of classic 1950’s outfits, steampunk recreates fictional outfits, and brings them to life in a very visual style.

Steampunk fashion should delight the senses, enveloping the wearer in sense of whimsical style and Victoriana. Classic elements from gothic fashion are already there, from tight lacing corsets, to bustles, winklepicker boots, waistcoats, and tail coats. It’s far simpler a fashion than you’d initially imagine, with it being all about the wearers sense of creativity with their outfit.

It’s certainly a very creative alternative style, one that allows you to interpret it as you want. Just taking a look around online you’ll find a wide variety of steampunk styles, from the aviator google styled outfit that we’re more familiar with, to the Victorian outfit with a vast bustle skirt and tight laced corset, each one adding their own unique twist to the outfit and making it their own.

The Watchman's Waistcoat by Abeautifulpalegreen

The Watchman’s Waistcoat by Abeautifulpalegreen

For some wonderful additions to your steampunk outfit, you can’t go wrong with the selection of clothing, accessories, and footwear from our sellers. Start off your outfit as you mean to go on, from picking up a Victorian styled tailcoat, a fully fashioned corset, bustle skirt, and the perfect pair of heeled ankle boots. Team it up with plenty of accessories, from some striking millinery, to gothic styled brooches and necklaces.

Steampunk menswear is incredibly elegant, the perfect waistcoat adds a great finishing touch to any steampunk outfit, teamed up with a full suit, whether you choose to mix and match trousers and shirts, or go for the same colour throughout. You can find some great shirts, jackets and coats from our sellers to add to your steampunk outfit. The wonderful thing with steampunk fashion is experimenting with your look, piecing together an outfit that’s incredibly unique, with a touch of Victorian gothic style.

Steampunk being all about the age of steam, you can always add a touch of steampunk to your own alternative style by wearing some wonderful steampunk styled accessories. Our sellers like Steam retro, and Sleepless Storyteller have a great selection of cog work styled pieces, antique bronzed jewellery, and accessories that can add a touch of steampunk style to any alternative outfit. Or why not pick up a pair of striking steampunk style heels and boots from Hades Footwear to instantly add some steampunk style to any alternative outfit.

It’s what you choose to do with your outfit that can make it the perfect steampunk look, choose to interpret it as you like, and express yourself as you choose with your steampunk clothing, whether you prefer to dress it up with cogwork pieces, goggles and antiqued accessories, or go for a full Victorian regalia with a wonderful gothic outfit. Why not take a look around at some of our sellers, where you can find plenty of steampunk clothing, accessories, jewellery, and footwear to help style your steampunk outfit.