Futuristic and bold cyber goth fashion.


Complete the cyber goth look with this skirt by Evolution Division.

Why wear black when you can adorn a colourful, neon bright palette of shades with your look. Cyber goth is all about standing out with outfits that look as futuristic as they are bright and colourful.

Cyber fashion has been around since the late 1990’s, but it’s enjoyed a renewed interest in recent years with a more modern take on the cyber goth look taking the classic bold look, and giving it a metallic make over. You can’t beat the classic cyber goth look though, for a look that’s as unique as it is colourful and creative.

The term cybergoth itself actually dates back further than this bold alternative style, we’ve got the purveyor of tabletop games and miniature models, Games Workshop, to thank for this inventive name, using the term ‘cybergoth’ to describe their role playing game “Dark Future” in the late 1980’s. However, it took a decade for the term to become associated with alternative fashion, a style that was the result of industrial aesthetics and gothic ravers, somewhat inspired by the late 1980’s – early 1990’s rave fashion, mixing it up with gothic style along the way.

Cyber goth style really came into it’s own in the early 2000’s, thanks to companies like Cyberdog, Automaton, Spank and Dane, who led the way for colourful, UV reactive clothing. The classic cyber look often consisted of colourful, bold and UV reactive clothing, from baggy fluorescent trousers, to circuit board tops, and fluffy boot covers, often mixing in items more commonly associated with a goth look, such as glossy black pvc trousers and fishnet tops. As the style evolved, elements of industrial and cyber punk style often got thrown into the mix, from cyberlox hair falls to steel goggles, often worn over hair falls or synthetic dreadlocks.


Stand out with bold accessories like this Scale collar by Richard Ayres.

Cyber goth fashion is certainly much more colourful than it’s classic goth counterpart, a look that’s incredibly androgynous in style, and leaves plenty of room for creativity, whether it’s making your own set of hair falls, or ripping up several pairs of fishnet tights to create pairs of arm warmers.

Today, cyber goth is still a much loved alternative style, one that we keep coming back to again and again, and with colourful and striking outfits that are bound to get you noticed on the dance floor, it’s no wonder that we can’t get enough of this bold alternative look.

The classic cyber goth look often consists of base colours, such as a bold green and black, or purple and pink, focusing heavily on the bold colours of the outfit to create a colour co-ordinated and bold look. Try wearing staple items like pvc trousers or skirts, with green corset tops, ripped fishnets in blacks and neon greens and plenty of neon green accessories, for a great co-ordinated cyber goth look.

You’ll find some great pieces to create a cyber goth look from our sellers, with plenty of bold, colourful clothing and accessories for the perfect cyber outfit from Evolution Division, Siskatank and Cyberfreak.

A great way to piece together a cyber goth look with ease is to take classic goth items from your wardrobe, like black pvc trousers, and add classic cyber pieces to them to complete the look. Items like this striking Flap skirt by Evolution Division look great worn alone over layers of tights, or worn over trousers, mix it up with a classic Barcode print top, like this long sleeved shirt by Siskatank.


Finish the look with a pair of platformed boots.

The key to any cyber goth look is the right accessories to complete the look, a pair of hair falls are a great way to create the classic look, like these red and black striped cyberlox falls by Cyberfreak. Add some unique pieces like this spiked pvc neck corset by Basque and Glory, or this stunning scaled neck collar by Richard Ayres, for pieces that really stand out.

Finish it off with staple pieces like colourful arm warmers and a pair of platform boots, the bigger the better of course! Stand out with unique platform’s like these Extreme New Rock boots or these studded Blade boots by Hades Footwear.

Experiment with your look and try mixing and matching items to create a unique cyber goth outfit. You’ll find plenty of great pieces to get started from our sellers here at the marketplace, with plenty of cyber clothing, accessories and footwear to complete your look.